A message of hope for the future

Lynne McTaggart

Last week, I had a wonderful conversation with Lee Carroll, famed channeler of Kryon, who said that Kryon has predicted the crises we’re facing on many fronts for some years now and that it is coming ‘right on schedule.’

It is what I have felt for many years now – the idea that that the lives we’ve chosen to lead are not consistent with who we really are and that the world we have created for ourselves can no longer be supported.

And, I want to add, that’s a very good thing.

For more than two decades, commentators of every variety have been trying to get a handle on the collective significance of the continuous crises besetting us in modern times: banking crises, terrorist crises, sovereign-debt crises, climate-change crises, energy crises, food crises, ecological crises, manmade and otherwise – and now the crisis of a global pandemic.

Since the millennial, I’ve heard people say, wistfully or with outright alarm, that it is the end of capitalism as we know it, the end of nature, the end of oil, the end of food, the end of a temperate climate, the end of freedom, the end of humankind and, of course, the beginning of the end of the world.

But the crises we face on many fronts are symptomatic of a deeper problem, with more potential repercussions than those of any single cataclysmic event. They are simply a measure of the vast disparity between our definition of ourselves and our truest essence.

For hundreds of years we have acted against nature by ignoring our essential connectedness and defining ourselves as separate from our world. We’ve reached the point where we can no longer live according to this false view of who we really are.

What’s ending the story we’ve been told up until now about who we are and how we’re supposed to live — and in this ending lies the only path to a better future.

The competitive impulse that is now a major part of our self-definition and that forms the undercurrent of all our lives is the same mindset that has created every one of the large global crises now threatening to destroy us.

If we can recover wholeness in our relationships, in my view, we will begin to heal our world.

In all my research, I have discovered other societies who live very differently from us, with a world view more in keeping with the findings of the new science. These cultures conceive of the universe as an indivisible whole, and this central belief has bred an extraordinarily different way of seeing and interacting with the world.

They believe that they are in relationship with all of life – even with the earth itself. We see the thing; they see the glue between the things – the thing that holds them together.  The essential thing for these societies is not the individual, but the relationship between individuals, which they view as a thing in itself.

They’ve understood the essential nature of humanity as a coming together — a communion — and as a consequence, they live happier lives, with lower divorce statistics, fewer troubled children, less crime and violence, and a stronger community.

They have chosen a better way to live, a more authentic way to be — the way, I believe, that you and I were meant to live.  And they do so because they’ve bought into another narrative — another world view of who we are and why we’re here than that espoused by our culture, most particularly by our current science.

So my message to you is one of great hope. We are supposed to be going through a change of story, right on schedule, as Kryon has told us, but here’s the fantastic news: we get to write the ending.

It’s up to all of us. We stand at the crucial point in our evolution where we must make a choice. We are one of the most important generations in the history of humanity. With all the calamities in our midst, our choices will affect our children’s children – and indeed the world for all time.

We can continue our process of competitive individualism, ringfencing people and things according to more tightly defined and emphasized differences. We can continue to operate against nature and connect less and less with what we regard as other than ourselves.

Never think you are powerless in this process. Each of us had enormous power at our disposal – the power to heal ourselves, to heal others – in fact, to heal the world.  I’ve tested the power of group intention in more than 40 studies, I’ve seen it bring fractured and polarized communities together. I’ve seen people get up out of wheelchairs, heal ‘incurable’ genetic illnesses, heal relationships, heal lives.

Our power as creators is limitless.

We have the power of our wallets, the power of our voices, the power of our intention.

And it can happen with just a group of eight.

Have enormous faith this holiday season. We have the power to change, to heal, to make it better, this next time around.

But we all need to participate.  It’s time for each of us to step up to the plate.

It’s up to us.

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Lynne McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including the worldwide international bestsellers The Power of Eight, The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into some 30 languages.

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7 comments on “A message of hope for the future”

  1. I've seen your video with Lee and Monica, and I'm grateful for it.
    It's a very powerful msg and an empowered one.

    Happy holidays and love you and all.✨✨

    I've just buy your book ' The Power of Eight, it as been translate to Portuguese this year.

  2. Thank you for reminding us of our true authentic selves…now we must take up the challenge to ‘ know ourselves ‘.

  3. Lynne - thank you so much for what you offer the world. In my daily discussion today with my 89 year-young friend (she is 10 years my senior) here on the farm in Colorado - we managed to 'save the world again' as we often do, by remembering what our hearts and souls (and great teachers over the decades), remind us about what we truly are as Beings on the beautiful planet we were gifted with, and the truth that we can, in a moment, heal it as in truth we, and All are already healed. The thing is, once we save the world in our talks, we end by laughing as we point out to ourselves that we have not been holding these thoughts and feelings steady, but all too often getting our emotions caught up in the shock of how some people can behave, the cruelty, the quest for power, and more - and it is easy to fall into judgement and angst and other forms of fear. We are blessed to have each other, and our conversations can be our Service to each other to remember that we can't be part of what we don't want, we can't add fuel to the fire of judgment and its versions, what we can do - is stay in Focus for Love and Kindness and Caring......knowing always - that is how the world is saved. Blessings All.....

  4. Lynne I believe too in what you said. I suggest that we organise a universal meeting to pray, all together, so that this evolution come fast.It 's urgent.

  5. So glad to realise that I and my friend are thinking along these same lines. Our conversation today was about how the community spirit, the "we're all in this together" ideas seem to have disappeared and we would like to bring them back. I would love to join, or actually re-join, a Power of Eight Group, but essential visits to the UK over the last two years have cut me off, because I still cannot get onto email while in the UK. One day, I'll be able to do that.
    If there is a land based Power of Eight Group anywhere near Rojales or Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain I would love to get in touch.

  6. Thanks for the inspiration Lynne. It's good to have a nudge towards hope and positivity. With love. Ann

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