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September 16-23, 2016

In 2005, Lynne had a basic question:  Can you use intention  to heal the world?  And what happens when lots of people are thinking the same thought at the same time?  Does it magnify the effect?

To answer those questions, Lynne decided to enlist her readers in an ongoing scientific experiment.

  • In 2007, working with a large consortium of scientists highly experienced in consciousness research, Lynne created the world’s largest global laboratory to test power of mass intention to heal some of the world’s major issues.
  • On total, several hundred thousand of her international readers have participated, with intenders from nearly 100 countries joining in on individual experiments through her website and web TV.

In the 29 experiments she’s run to date, 25 have evidenced measurable, mostly significant change. All three global Peace Intention Experiments have had positive outcomes in lowering violence in Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Washington DC.

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For instance, she’s shown that group mind is capable of:

  • Changing the basic physical property of leaves
  • Making plants grow up to twice as high as normal
  • Altering the molecular cluster structure of tap water
  • Raising the pH of polluted water
  • Lowering violence in a war-torn or crime-ridden area
  • Improving the health of patients with diagnosed conditions

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