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5-week live online workshop with the pioneer of the new sciences:
Lynne McTaggart! Launching in 2022!

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Become a master of your intention

Many of us feel like we are in a dead-end - and not just because of COVID-19.

Perhaps for a number of years you have had the feeling that your personal relationships, your health, your finances, or your job are not going as well as they could.

Or maybe you know that you are ready to give your life a new meaning but have not yet figured out exactly what it could be or how you could apply this knowledge.

The tragic thing is that your life doesn't have to be like this at all.
Because all of that just has to do with what you think.

How you think about a goal in your life - even the way you talk to yourself about it in your head - determines success or failure.

The new science of quantum physics shows that thoughts and intentions are an actual physical "something" with amazing power to change our world.

Every thought is a tangible energy that has the power to change our lives.

But what is even more amazing is that your thoughts can also make tremendous changes in the people and things around you. In fact, according to the latest scientific research, they have the power to change the world.

But even if you have already heard of the law of attraction or tried some techniques related to "intention", you may not yet know anything about the art and science to create the greatest possible effect with your thoughts - and that with tools, their use most people haven't learned even if they have devoted themselves to other spiritual practices for decades.

And using these simple techniques can often make the difference between success and failure.

5-week live online workshop with the pioneer of the new sciences:
Lynne McTaggart! Launching in 2022!

Intention Essentials Germany 2022

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