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Become Better Healer 2023

No doubt, as a healer, you already have an excellent track record for improving your clients’ health. But have you ever stopped to consider that your thoughts have as much power as your treatments on your patients and their outcomes?

Consider this.

Ted Kaptchuk, a noted professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, once carried out a study of patients with severe carpal tunnel syndrome, who were given either pain pills or acupuncture to treat their conditions.

One-third of his 270 patients complained of side effects so severe they couldn’t get out of bed, with pain reaching almost unbearable levels.

But among the other patients, most reported great pain relief, with those receiving acupuncture reporting the best outcomes.

But the extraordinary thing about the study is that nobody actually received any real treatment at all.

The ‘pain pills’ were just made of cornstarch, and the acupuncture needles were retractable sham treatments that never pierced the skin.

So what healed some people and caused others pain?

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Just the thought of the treatment triggered major side effects in some people and major healing in others.

From all his research on placebo effects, Ted Kaptchuk has the shocking key to whether someone gets better or worse.

It has everything to do with the practitioner and not his medicine: how the medicine and medical information get delivered by the practitioner, whether they are caring or matter-of-fact, how well they frame answers to questions and aid in the patient’s perception of his condition and treatments.

In other words, healing is mainly a matter of whether you communicate healing thoughts and healing words.

I’ve been studying the power of thoughts and words for nearly 20 years, and I’ve discovered one unsettling truth: your thoughts are not locked inside your head but are being broadcasted 24/7 – and have a powerful effect on others, particularly those who are battling medical conditions.

Even though you are giving excellent advice and guidance, all those private doubts or judgments you’re holding about a particular patient’s chances of success can have a devastating effect on the outcome.

In fact, British research has s revealed a whopping 61% difference in improved outcomes, depending whether the doctor had a positive or negative attitude and demeanor.

In other words, every thought you have, every statement you make, is affecting the healing ability of your clients.

You are their ultimate medicine!

In the 30 years that I’ve been studying holistic medicine I’ve discovered that even the kindest, most competent practitioners inadvertently say and think things that impede their patients’ abilities to heal.

As scientific evidence has shown, just one disagreement can delay wound healing by an entire 24 hours. So imagine the effect of just one ill-timed thought by you, particularly as a dearly trusted therapist.

But there’s a flip side here.

Imagine the effect of sending out positive and loving intentions in addition to giving your patients medicine or treatment.

Imagine developing the power of your intention so that you are able to underscore all your work with powerful, positive, heartfelt thoughts.

And what about all those patients you haven’t managed to help? What if you found it that you could accelerate your own efforts at healing – and their own – with simple techniques that help them identify the true cause of their illness or helped them to heal themselves by healing others?

For more than two decades, I’ve been studying the extraordinary power of thoughts to heal our lives.

I’ve studied master healers, I’ve tested it with countless people around the globe, I’ve proved it in more than 40 global scientific experiments, working with frontier scientists and leading universities.

Over three decades, I’ve taught thousands of people to unleash a miraculous power they’d never dreamed of – to heal their health, their career or finances, their relationships.

And I’ve worked with thousands of practitioners to elevate their own healing powers, just by practicing intentional thinking and communication.

And now in this special webinar series, I’d like to share what I know with you to transform your healing practice – and yourself.

You will:

  • LEARN a complete how-to of techniques to harness the collective energies of The Power of Eight® and unleash your latent power to improve your powers to heal others – and yourself
  • HELP the most intractable patients combat self-sabotage by overcoming their own negative thinking and intentions
  • DISCOVER how to amplify your own healing ability through the healing power of certain intention techniques – what I call the 13 Keys to Intention Healing Mastery, shown in scientific studies to be analogous to the ecstatic state of union experienced by a Sufi master or Buddhist monk
  • UNVEIL thoughts and words that inadvertently may be undermining your success in healing
  • EXPERIENCE for yourself the mirror healing effect of altruistic group intention, which not only affects the recipient but also amplifies as it reflects back on the senders.

You’ll also discover a raft of advanced techniques about how to use your own thoughts to greater effect. On this special webinar, you’ll find out:

  • How being highly specific and focusing on stages amplifies healing
  • How to break down a client’s healing to tiny component parts and mentally work on improving specific aspects
  • Why you must engage all your clients’ senses in the mental rehearsal of their healing
  • Why most important aspect of the intention is to imagine – even rehearse – the final outcome, including your client’s feelings of elation after the cure
  • How to use intention for any mental instruction or any sort of bodily process, whether it is to lower their blood pressure or help to overcome cancer
  • How to revisit the time when the illness first began in order to maximize your chances of healing your patient’s condition in the present.

"As a naturopathic doctor, I have attended many courses over the years, and I get very impatient with time fillers and fluff. There was no fluff in this course at all. Lynne packed in more information from the first minute to the last than courses I have paid 10 times this amount for. Thank you, Lynne for opening my eyes to a whole new toolbox!” – Marilyn G.

Become a Better Healer course at a glance

What is it? A four-session webinar course with international bestselling author and intention guru Lynne McTaggart, and accompanying homework and exercises for each session. If you join before October 31, you’ll also benefit from a BONUS two-hour LIVE and INTERACTIVE session with Lynne, so that you can practice what you’ve learned and ask any questions.

Who is it aimed at?  Healers of all persuasions, including holistic practitioners of every variety, plus nurses, doctors and other medical practitioners.

When does it start? The course is on demand, so once you purchase the course, you will receive all the session webinars and homework. If you join before October 31, you’ll also benefit from a BONUS two-hour LIVE and INTERACTIVE session with Lynne, so that you can practice what you’ve learned and ask any questions.

What you will learn: In this FIVE-part course I teach you all the basics of the skill of using intention in your life so you are doing it correctly from the start.

This includes:

  • FOUR recorded TEACHING SESSIONS, with experiential practice so that you are learning as you go, plus a BONUS 2-hour LIVE and INTERACTIVE Session for all attendees (if you book before October 31)!

  • EXERCISES, PRACTICE AND HOMEWORK, so you’ll be immersing yourself in all the elements of using your thoughts and words to most benefit your patients You’ll leave each session with ‘homework’—simple techniques you can try out in your daily practice until you watch the next session.

  • IN-DEPTH GUIDANCE on the most effective language to use in order to ignite your patients’ healing mechanisms, how to ‘condition’ your healing space so that your success improves, how to tackle those patients who are not getting better, how to help them overcome the ways they are inadvertently sabotaging their healing, and much more. 

  • YOUR OWN COMMUNITY OF PRACTITIONER CLASSMATES: Besides all this in-depth instruction, you’ll be set up in your own special group on Lynne’s Community page, which is exactly like a private Facebook group but without any of the privacy issues and downsides of social media. You’ll be able to connect and interact with other healing professional class members, work in pairs, organize Power of Eight® groups, and more.

And afterwards? After the course, you can interact with the other healer attendees through a special my special private Community pages on my website and even form your own Power of Eight® groups.

How much: The cost for more than 6 hours of instruction and LIVE interaction is just $349 (£329.21 including VAT in the UK). Remember, if you want to be part of the LIVE session, you must book before October 31, 2023.

Can I get Continuing Education Credits for this course? Yes. Please get in touch with us upon completion of the course on: and we'll be happy to provide you with a Continuing Education Credit (CEC) letter.

“I have had a couple of people over the past several years who did not seem to make as much progress as I had hoped, which was the primary reason I signed up for this particular class. I have to say that I learned a lot and have been able to apply some of my learnings already. One person who I was especially concerned about has now turned the corner and is on his way to complete recovery.” - Judie Rodgers, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner (HTCP)

“This course has broadened my horizons about ways of helping others. It gives evidence and tools that go beyond the conventional medical approach. It bridges science with spirituality.” - Luc Therrien, master’s registered nurse working in mental health

Become a Better Healer Session Breakdown

This session will demonstrate that your thoughts and words can be your best and worst medicine. You’ll discover the science beyond why thoughts can unconsciously influence your healees, and the extraordinary impact you will have on the outcome of a patient, depending on whether you remain positive or express any ‘realistic’ doubts. 

You’ll learn to:

  • DISCOVER that how your thoughts alone can affect the major physiological processes of your clients: their brainwaves, their heart rates, their breathing and blood conduction, and how to maximize this for healing.
  • UNCOVER the thoughts and emotions of those surrounding your patients that are affecting their immune systems.
  • BECOME CONSCIOUS of the thoughts and language you’re using that may be undermining your success rate
  • IDENTIFY how your own pessimistic thoughts or prognoses unconsciously affect your success rate and how to catch yourself when you are even pondering a negative outcome.

Practice and homework: You will practice exercises to root out any thoughts and language you are using that may be inadvertently undermining your success rate.

This session includes advanced theory and practice for you to discover the 13 keys to intention for healers, the world’s only toolkit for using and receiving healing intention based on a unique blend of science and ancient wisdom. Lynne has synthesized and distilled the practices of many masters of intention – Qigong masters, master healers, native practice, elite athletes and autistic savants – with the latest discoveries in the laboratory to produce the most complete guide to intention out there.

Understanding and practicing these universal laws of intention and learning how to put them to work for you will enable you to become a master influencer in your practice and help your clients to use their thoughts to heal.

You will learn how to:

  • FREE YOUR MIND of diagnosis and prognosis — the two biggest impediments to healing
  • ADOPT certain ‘secret principles' that allow advanced meditators, monks, world-class athletes and others to manifest their intention.
  • EMPLOY scientifically tested approaches to focus your intention with laser-like effectiveness and coherence.
  • PRACTICE mental rehearsal, just as professional athletes do, to vastly increase the likelihood of your intention for your client manifesting itself.
  • CLARIFY your own intentions so that your thoughts continuously beam out a coherent message to your patients.
  • BANISH any negativity you may be inadvertently harboring.

Practice and homework: You will practice making use of the 13 Keys and other tools during the class, then carry out homework assignments to hone your use of them throughout the week.


This session is specifically about all those patients who aren’t healing, despite your best efforts, any effects this may be having on your capacity to heal them, and how to use your thoughts and practices to overcome their own unconscious self-sabotage.

This session will also help you remove the unconscious pessimistic thoughts you and they may be harboring so that you can maximize your efforts to help these patients to heal. You’ll also discover special techniques to help uncover the root cause of a patient’s illness, and conquer the challenges posed by even the most resistant patients by helping them to overcome negative thinking patterns.

In this session you will learn to:

  • BECOME CONSCIOUS of your client’s self-sabotaging thought stream about their condition.
  • IDENTIFY how your own pessimistic thoughts unconsciously affect your success rate and how to catch yourself when you are even pondering a negative outcome.
  • DEVISE how your toughest clients can internally change their thought processes.
  • WORK OUT why your clients’ intentions don’t work, despite your best ‘intentions,’ and what to do about it.
  • HELP your clients engage in mentally rehearsing a positive outcome.
  • USE life-transforming methods of transforming a negative thinking into a positive force for good.
  • HELP your clients return to the ‘seed moment’when the condition first developed and develop a more positive attitude about the course of illness and the outcome.

Practice and homework: You will learn ways to strengthen your own power and intention even in highly negative situations and to identify when you are inadvertently sending out destructive thoughts. You’ll also practice intention techniques to help patients uncover the secret source of their illness.  Homework will include practicing these techniques during the week.

One of the least understood aspects of intention is that it amplifies in small groups and has a special mirror effect. This session will train you to use group healing to create patient groups to 'supersize' the healing process and make use of its powerful rebound effect.

You will be ready to apply the principles of intention in small groups to help turbocharge your abilities and your clients’ healing.

You will learn to:

  • HARNESS the power of group healing and discover how healing others in group setting actually heals the healers, too.
  • MASTER special group-intention tools to transform the atmosphere in your practice from 'all by myself' to ‘all of us pulling together.’
  • APPLY group resonance to amplify your own intentional goals.
  • CREATE collective brain-wave resonance – even in your practice and among your patients – to create greater cooperation and better outcomes.
  • DISCOVER the extraordinary, rebound healing effect on your clients’ lives of ‘getting off of themselves’ and focusing their intentions on someone else, particularly those with similar conditions.

Practice and homework: You will be given all the basic tools for carrying out group healing intention and the power of group resonance to achieve goals. You will also be shown how to set intentions for your practice and be given ways to incorporate these techniques into patient and healing groups.

“I didn't know what I didn't know before the course and my mind has been opened to a whole new level of a way to practice. Now I feel I can grow again professionally instead of stagnating.” - D.M., physiotherapist

“I enjoyed every minute of it and am looking forward to another opportunity of learning more! Thank you so much, Lynne – and also your great team behind the scenes!” – Hilary Grossmann, Reconnective Healer

“The course was presented beautifully by Lynne McTaggart. As someone who helps others find their way to health and wellness, I look forward to incorporating these practices into my groups.” – Palmer Uhl, nutritional health coach

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