How your thoughts helped Leo to eat normally

On July 12th, 2019

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Remember little Leo Power from Florida, who was only three months old when we sent him intention in September?

He’d been diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after birth, had muscle weakness on his left side and had difficulty eating since birth. He’d had a feeding tube, which the family was struggling to wean him off of.

Our intention was Leo’s entire digestive system to be healed, as well as all areas affected by cerebral palsy.

Last week, we heard from Katena Demas, who’d nominated Leo.  Here’s her update:

“Leo was having difficulty eating and his muscles in his throat and mouth were weak.  He had a feeding tube to supplement what little he could eat by mouth.

“While he still has the feeding tube, he is not using it. He is getting sufficient nourishment by what he can eat himself using his own muscles.

“Two weeks ago, his parents were given the okay to begin cereal.  He is now eating cereal twice a day and vegetables have been added recently.

“This GI doctor was amazed by Leo's improvement and has said he can add fruit as well as other vegetables to his diet.  We are all extremely happy to see him eating so well.

“Thank you all so much for your love.”

And thank you for participating!  Your Sunday intentions are saving lives, so keep them coming.



One response to “How your thoughts helped Leo to eat normally”

  1. Mary Boyer says:

    Wonderful, wonderful news. This kind of news makes us want to keep up the good work. Congratulations!

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