How your intentions helped Donna to overcome endometrial cancer

On July 12th, 2019

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Remember Donna Nelson, a reconnective healing practitioner? She was one of our intentions of the week on July 21st, 2019.

At the time, she had been diagnosed with endometrial cancer in the vaginal cuff  and was set to attend daily radiation treatments for 6 weeks.

Our community intended that Donna's cancer disappear completely and that radiation would no longer necessary.

Donna wrote to us on February 14th with an update:

Thank you, Lynne McTaggart, and those loving souls who have joined with you and me in my healing. I’ve lost track of just when you included me in your ‘weekly three’, but it wasn’t that long ago.  To refresh -- In July I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in the vaginal cuff, which had followed a hysterectomy 3 years before because of endometrial cancer. On August 1st external radiation treatments began, 5 days a week for 6 weeks. Then 5 weeks of internal treatments which ended October 30th.

On November 11, 2019, my first follow up was with my gynecologist, who did a look-see and could not see evidence of any cancer remaining. I discussed with her the need to do follow up PET/CT-scans as recommended by my oncologist, and I’m choosing to rely on check-ups with her and her words “nope, nothing there” 😊 rather than go the CT scan-route for 5 years.

Throughout this whole journey I’ve said, “this just seems so unreal”, followed by “it feels unreal because it is unreal". To me, it wasn’t even the idea that something was being done to me, because I actually wasn’t experiencing pain. There was just the underlying feeling that there was so much more going on that I couldn’t even touch on intellectually. But, living in duality, I still had nagging negative thoughts still surface, so when my friend Katie suggested that we ask you to include me in the Intention of the Week, I couldn’t have been more grateful. And I shall always remain in gratitude for all the energies brought forth on my behalf that have strengthened me in more ways than one.

My gratitude, love and blessings to all of you. Donna Nelson



2 responses to “How your intentions helped Donna to overcome endometrial cancer”

  1. Mary Boyer says:

    Wonderful, wonderful news. This kind of news makes us want to keep up the good work. Congratulations!

  2. grace haynes says:

    Wonderful news!

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