Your intentions have performed a miracle for Paisley Lane Bassett

On July 11th, 2019

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Remember baby Paisley?

Last May, Ashley Stearns from our community asked us all to set an intention for her niece’s baby, Paisley Lane Bassett, of Medfield, Massachusetts, who was a month old at the time and had had had a stroke three days after she was born.

As we reported at the time, the doctors didn’t know the full extent of her vascular injury, but the prognosis wasn’t good. They said that she would have compromised vision in one eye and hearing in one ear.

Our intention was for Paisley to overcome the effects of stroke and to have normal and healthy hearing and vision.

Ashley contacted us over the summer to say that when the doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital saw her on July 10, they were delighted with her progress.

Although she has hearing loss on her right side, the doctors weren’t sure about her vision on that side because the pronounced strabismus she had on her right was barely noticeable after our intention.

She was due to see a stroke specialist later that summer. Ashley has just sent us an update:

“Today was Paisley’s christening, and I had a chance to speak with her dad and grandmother, who both say she appears to be strong and healthy.

“She is a very alert baby, and if she has any lingering weakness on her right side, you have to look for it (or know it’s what you’re seeing, if she stiffens up).

“This is a picture of us together. (I have a wake to go to after this little get-together, which is why I’m dressed in black.)

“Thank you so much to the Power of Eight® healers!”

Your thoughts and prayers are making such a difference to so many lives.  Keep joining us every Sunday at 10 am Pacific!



2 responses to “Your intentions have performed a miracle for Paisley Lane Bassett”

  1. Karen metcalfe says:

    Can I please ask for a my daughter to be the subject of intention . Her name is hannah metcalfe age 26 from Newton Aycliffe in United Kingdom. She has recently been diagnosed with benign kidney tumours and has had surgery a blood transfusion and medication for infection . She is struggling with keeping positive and is feeling low about all the bloods that have to be taken as it hurts and she is feeling very tired. Please sent healing intentions for a speedy recovery. She just wants to get home.Thankyou

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