How to participate in the experiments

*Join our community. Only members of the community can participate in our large-scale experiments. To join and learn about the community benefits, click here.

*Note the date and time of the next Intention Experiment when we release it, and clear your calendar to be ready to participate that day. We usually run a count-down clock on the front of the website as an aid. We will also provide information about the time of the experiment in your own time zone. Readers around the world will be participating, so it is vital that all the readers send intentions at the exact same moment.

*Open and read our weekly newsletter and any emails from us, which will offer updated instructions about the experiments.

*Read the book The Intention Experiment. Although it’s not mandatory to read Lynne’s book in order to participate in the experiments, it will offers you a complete understanding of the power of intention. It also contains the Powering Up program, a simple but effective method of using intention, gleaned from the practices of scientists and many intention masters.

*Practice Powering Up before the date of the experiment.

*Register for the experiment
, when you are asked to do so.

*On the day of the experiment, come onto the website 10-15 minutes before the start of the experiment.

*Follow the instructions
. You will be given a target plus instructions about which intention to send.

*Join the discussion groups on the Social Network and tell us about your own personal experience of the Intention Experiment.

*Fill out the survey. We’ll send you a link to a survey afterward, so you can record your experiences, which will form part of ongoing research.

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