I watched the podcast episode and...

I watched the podcast episode: How to Create Miracles with the Power of Intention with Lynne McTaggart, which led me to this page.

For a long time I have been "working" on healing my relationship with my dad.

What Lynne shared with me in the podcast episode was like divine timing and there were an amazing shift in energy that happened and it felt like the last pieces in my process of transformation were "clicking".

Today I called my dad and we had a great conversation. The vibration of Peace were present and I shared that I had written down every day for a week things that I appreciate and admire about him and that I had become aware of all the amazing experiences we have had together from my childhood and all the times he has helped me.

Being Intentional really Works - and Loving Peace will Prevail and is Prevailing!!!

Thank you Lynne for this Amazing Challenge and for your contribution - it is so inspirational and enlightening!!!

Why wait any longer when you’ve already been waiting your entire life?

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