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Mohammed Aslam   


March 1, 2009

5 pm GMT 

Help to slow the onset of Alzheimer’s disease


Our reader and community member Sohail Aslam wrote in to say that her father, who will be 70 on April 17, 2009, has been diagnosed with the onset of Alzheimer’s.  Sohail noticed that some of the symptoms of the disease have slowed down. He has recently moved to Pakistan from the US.  

Help to heal his Alzheimer’s with the following intention:

 “My intention is that Mohammed Aslam be free of all symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and to be healthy and well in every way.”

A revolution in healing

Be sure not to miss The Living Matrix: The Science of Healing Conference at Kings College, London from Friday 13th to Monday 16th March.

Designed for alternative health practitioners, researchers, scientists or anyone those interested in alternative healthcare, the conference offers a great deal of new ideas about complementary medicine. You will see the premier of The Living Matrix film, and hear and network with many leading edge researchers and  health practitioners and

Besides appearing in the new film The Living Matrix I will be speaking at the two-day Science of Healing Conference and running a one-day workshop. I’ll be joined by James Oschman, Rollin McCraty, Eric Pearl and many other frontier researchers and practitioners of healing.

Secure your place at the Science of Healing Conference by registering here. For more about my own workshop, click here. Remember, this is your last chance to book before 1st March and receive your 5 per cent discount  by quoting promotional code LMC310.


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