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Intention of the Week - Kelley Kelsey

Send intention to resolve her health issues

Kelley Kelsey

Please join in on Sunday, 1:00 pm EST
Other times:
10:00 am PDST
11:00 am MDST
12:00 am CDST
6:00 pm GMT
7:00 pm rest of Europe

Kelley Kelsey, a feisty 82, lives in South Bend, Indiana, in the US.
Here’s her story: “My health started deteriorating over 10 years ago when we discovered mercury poisoning (dental amalgams). I took care of that, but health didn't improve.
“I've had no success with the conventional or alternative health-care systems. During this period it seems that every system in my body has gone on strike.
“Eating is a biggie — I'm sensitive or allergic to so many things, my digestive system can't absorb and utilize food, so I'm skin and bones. I have scoliosis and several collapsed vertebrae and, consequently, difficulty breathing. There are cardiovascular problems, vision, hearing and mouth problems, and perhaps the most disturbing is the brain fog, dizziness and confusion, loss of equilibrium.
“At one point I had a test which indicated the strong possibility of chronic lyme disease but I could get no follow-up on it.
“I've long felt there was a gift somewhere in all this darkness; I could overcome help provide Light and encouragement to others, that I wasn't yet finished with my work here.”
Please join us on this site on Sunday, January 9, 2011 at 1 pm US Eastern ST and hold the following intention:
‘My intention is for Kelley Kelsey to resolve all health challenges and to be healthy and well in every way.’
Check here for the time in your time zone:

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