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Intention of the Week - Fendi ten Hoeve

Help to heal her bladder cancer.

Fendi ten Hoeve

Please join in on Sunday, 6:00 pm GMT
Other times:
10:00 am PDST
11:00 am MDST
12:00 noon CDST
1:00 pm EDST
7:00 pm rest of Europe

Fendi ten Hoeve, aged 51, who lives in Nederhorst den Berg. a small village near Amsterdam in the Netherlands, was diagnosed with bladder cancer last March. Although some of the tumor was removed through surgery, the doctors could not remove all the cancer without risk of puncturing the bladder. The doctors have advised her to remove her bladder, lymph nodes, ovaries and womb, but she is seeking a second opinion. She is using a variety of alternative therapies: orthomolecular supplements, meditation, rest, special diet, and, she says, ‘allowing more love in my life’.
‘I truly believe in the power of the intention and the power of the numbers. Accumulated energy from as many people as possible is something I strongly believe in. Once I visited the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, and although I am not a religious person, I had a truly spritual experience there. The energy of all these people — Jerusalem, Jews, Christians and Muslims — praying in that area was amazing and touched me and made me cry and feel peaceful for the rest of the day.’
On Sunday, August 29, 2010 at 6 pm Eastern DST, please send the following intention to Fendi:
"My intention is for Fendi ten Hoeve to be free of all bladder cancer, and to be healthy and well in every way."
Check here for the time in your time zone:

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