Intention of the week

Nabel Yoself  



March 8, 2009

5 pm GMT


 Help her to find her soul mate and fulfilling work

This week we’re departing from our usual intention to heal a physical illness.  Nabel, one of my lovely vivacious hosts last week in Kuwait, is 40 and lives in Kuwait City. 

She is making many changes in her life, and would like to find a perfect soul mate and also soul work that is fulfilling but also financially rewarding. She asked me to have my community help with a special intention.


‘My intention is for Nabel Yoself to find her perfect soul mate and work consistent with her life’s divine purpose.’



 Next week:  Conversations on the Frontier


At the moment, I am speaking with many frontier scientists as I gather material for my next book. Next week we’ll be launching regular Conversations on the Frontier podcasts, where I’ll share the highlights of these conversations with you, so stay tuned.


See the movie, and then join its ‘stars’


I also wanted to remind you one final time, if you’re within striking distance of London, of the UK premiere of the Living Matrix, the new movie about the science of energy healing, which features Edgar Mitchell, Bruce Lipton, me and many other scientists and healers.  It’s showing on Friday, March 13 at King’s college auditorium, and for just £10 you’ll have the opportunity, to see the movie and attend a wine and cheese reception to meet the filmmakers and many of the conference speakers who appear in the movie.

For more details, click here.


The following day, I and a host of others from the movie will be presenting information about the Science of Intention at the two- day conference, and following it up with a workshop on Monday.


For more information or reserve your space at the conference, click here, and to attend my half day workshop, click here.



Have a good week.


Warm wishes,


Lynne McTaggart




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