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Intention of the Week - Patrick Reid
Help him keep his home


Please join in on Sunday, 5 pm GMT
Other times:

10 am PDST
11 am MDST
12 noon CDST
1 pm EDST
6 pm British Summer Time
7 pm rest of Europe
At that time, please come together on the site and send intention again to help Patrick keep his house....
This is the first of our Financial Intentions of the Week. Patrick Reid, who is 53, was injured at work a year ago, and had to go on workers compensation. "This killed my savings," he says, "and I had to refinance my home at a very high (8 per cent) interest rate."
"I have been back at work since November but have been unable to keep up with the mortgage payments. I am currently heading for foreclosure and it’s up to the bank to let me remain in the home I’ve lived in for thirty years."
‘‘I have applied for a mortgage modification and it's currently under review. If approved, it would mean everything to me and to the people who depend on me for a home. I can afford to stay in my home if the rate is lowered and the past due amount is placed to the end of the loan."
‘I know a lot of people are in my situation and I’m not special, but other people who could not afford to live anywhere else are tenants of mine, and they would become homeless as well."
"Thank you all so much, having hope is very comforting after a long time living with none."
Come onto the site on Sunday, September 13, at 5 pm GMT and send the following intention for 10 minutes:
“My intention is for Patrick Reid’s mortgage modification to be approved, for the rate to be lowered, for him and his tenants to remain in his home and for him to flourish financially. “
Do you have a financial challenge at the moment? Be part of our Financial Intention of the week. Send your name, age, location (town/country), details of your circumstance and your photo to:

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