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Intention of the Week

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Help to heal blood pressure, and all emotional and physical trauma

Esther Pageman, aged 54, lives in Alamosa, Colorado is on disability. She has had part of her brachial artery replaced in one arm, and was diagnosed with Arterial Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and had a chest rib removed and part of the artery repaired nearest her heart. Complications from this surgery resulted in fluid getting into her lungs. She also has uncontrolled hypertension that is not responding to blood-pressure medications, and doctors don't know what to do anymore. The injuries to her entire spinal area affects my nervous system and the whole body, and she has a lot of pain, but is intolerant to many medications. She’s also lost all of her teeth and suffers from bleeding gums. She ends up in the emergency room via ambulance on an average of two times a month.

‘I have been very self-sufficient most of my life without much of a support system, now I am so exhausted and am now needing to let others help me and this is I am not used to.’

‘The physical and emotional crises in my life have opened doors for me giving me opportunities to go deep within and clean out my closet of old, limiting and negative beliefs, habits and more. Numerous unresolved traumas cause anxiety, panic attacks, and are greatly affecting my ability to heal my body.’

Please join us on the Intention Experiment site on Sunday, September 30th, 2012 at 1 pm US Eastern ST and send the following intention:

"Our intention is that Esther Pageman be completely healed of all high blood pressure, and all emotional and physical trauma, and become healthy and well in every way."

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