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Intention of the Week

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Please help to heal her dizzy spells

Nancy Noland-Jones, of Shaker Hts,(suburb of Cleveland) Ohio, has sent in the following request:

"I've just recently learned about your intention program and hope to start a local circle soon, in my small circle of friends, with your Bond guidance and support."

"I would like to be the subject for your intention group now because I have been getting some scary, dizzy spells. I've been modifying my diet, but they continue to show up from time to time, and it really frightens me because I had a stroke in Oct 2003. My blood pressure is high and I'm currently on one medication. I'm afraid of take more or even continuing with two pills because I want to keep my kidneys healthy.

Please join us on the Intention Experiment site on Sunday, June 10th, 2012 at 1 pm US Eastern ST and send the following intention:

"My intention is that Nancy Noland-Jones be completely free of dizzy spells, and be healthy and well in every way."

One suggestion, Nancy: Is a side effect of your current medication dizzy spells? It might be worth checking. If so, consider changing medication or, if possible, coming off drugs altogether.

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