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Intention of the Week - Emily Esther Gofmekler
Help to ease her ADD

Please join in on Sunday, 5 pm GMT
Other times:

10 am PDST
11 am MDST
12 noon CDST
1 pm EDST
6 pm British Summer Time
7 pm rest of Europe

At that time, please come together on the site and send a 10-minute intention:

Emily Esther Gofmekler, who is 14 years old, suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder and is currently in a special education class at school.

Her sister, Margarita Turzhanskaya, says that she has no friends and feels lonely most of the time. She is often bullied and called all kinds of names; she has trouble making friends because no other children want to associate with her. Her mother, who suffers from severe depression, is not paying her much attention.

Margarita says: ‘I would like to suggest an intention to send Emily healing energy and love energy so she may find strength and hope within herself.’

Join us on our website ( at 5 pm GMT and hold the following loving intention for 10 minutes:

"My intention is that Emily Gofmekler be healed of ADD, that she make loving friends and that she find strength and hope within herself."

Please also include your comments below:

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