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Financial Intention of the Week - Paula Corbett

Help her find fulfilling work to buy her new home

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Paula, who is 43, lives in Winthrop, Massachusetts. After a series of losses (father, brother, home, mother to dementia), she and her two daughters are currently living with Paula’s sister and her husband. She is a licensed massage therapist, but the economy has affected her ability to earn any real or consistent income. Depression, she says, is also a factor.
"I know I am meant for better things, and that I can serve the world with my gifts, I just feel so stuck. I also feel that my self-imposed limits are limiting my daughters. Please, help me get unstuck!"
"My boyfriend and I have a huge opportunity in that his aunt wants to sell us her home, and she wants to do it this spring or she'll have to find someone else to sell to."
"This is the home of my dreams—the kind of home that would be a thrill to finish raising my daughters in!"
Nevertheless, she says, at the moment, their credit rating isn’t good and they have no savings.
She would like to attract work that allows her to help people and realize her purpose in life, while enabling her to be available to her daughters and offering them the opportunities. She would also like to attract the financing to buy and renovate this new home, with more left for security and schooling.
Please come onto our website immediately after Aaron’s intention and send the following intention:
"My intention is for Paula Corbette to find fulfilling and well-paid work that will enable her to buy her new home and provide adequately for her daughters and herself."

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