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Financial Intention of the Week - Theresa Teeples

Help her regain her work in homeopathic healthcare

Please join in on Sunday, 5:00 pm GMT
Other times:

9:00 am PDST
10:00 am MDST
11:00 CDST
12:00 pm EDST
6:00 pm rest of Europe
Teresa is 51 and lives in Payson, Arizona. Here’s her story:
"I used to work for a homeopathic doctor. Two years ago my best friend/boyfriend of 16 years passed away from an embolism and five months later another very close friend of 30 years was killed."
"A few months later, I lost my job that I loved very much from being too distracted with my grief last year and have been unemployed almost this whole time until a few weeks ago."
"I also was raising my two grandchildren by myself in Phoenix, until my daughter came home a year ago and my grandchildren are living with her now."
"So it's just my 12 year old dog and I now and I'm living in Payson, AZ working part-time as a caregiver, for not a great deal of money. I really want to be working in the homeopathic healthcare field again. I’m staying with a friend until I can get back on my feet."
Please come onto our website at 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time and hold the following intention for 10 minutes:
"My intention is that Theresa Teeples will find a good-paying job in the homeopathic healthcare field so that she may be comfortably self-supporting."

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