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Financial Intention of the Week - Karen Grossaint

Help Karen's web business flourish

Please join in on Sunday, 5:10 pm GMT
Other times:

9:10 am PDST
10:10 am MDST
11:10 CDST
12:10 pm EDST
6:10 pm rest of Europe
Karen Grossaint, 58, who lives in Strasburg, Colorado is requesting intention assistance to transition to a new professional and financial life. She spent most of the last 25 years in higher education as an instructor and administrator. In May of 2006, she fired from my position at a prestigious university due to political “bias” (as a divorced non-Catholic woman managing the religious studies department at a Catholic University). In the last three years, she has been unable to find a suitable position, and in the process has lost my home and been forced to file bankruptcy.
Recently, she started up a web business to help students write well (and with perfect sentences, and would like some intention to help her business thrive and enable her to pay her rent and live comfortably.
Please come onto the website on Sunday January 17, 2010 at 12:10pm US Eastern Standard time and hold the following intention for 10 minutes:
"My intention is that Karen Grossaint’s web business flourish so that she may pay all her bills and live comfortably."

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