Help Alaina to overcome severe pelvic pain

Sunday, July 14, 2019

10:10 am Pacific

Alaina Hopgood, aged 38, of Salisbury, in the UK has nominated herself. Here’s her story in her own words:
“I was diagnosed over two years ago with Lyme disease. For just over two years I have had ongoing bladder infections and lichen sclerosus, which has resulted in excruciating pain in my bladder urethra and vulva.
“In February 2017 I got a urinary tract infection, which was not treated properly and got out of control. I was peeing blood. I had a number of investigations in that June, which resulted in bladder spasms and my pelvic floor going into spasm. I was soon under the chronic pain team and taking a lot of medication.
“Fast forward to Jan 18 and I found out I had Lyme disease, which had depleted my immune system and resulted in a lot of pain. I was exhausted and unable to work properly, care for my child, enjoy any sort of social activity or ride my horse, which I loved.
“I then conceived another child and the pain got better, but my son came six weeks early in Feb 2019 and he was in intensive care for two weeks. My pain returned after three weeks of having my son and since then the pain has got worse than it was preconception.
“I found out I had a pelvic floor prolapse after the birth of my son and this has added to the pain in my pelvis and not helped with the bladder infections as the prolapse affects my bladder and urethra.
“I am back on many opioids and have not been able to enjoy my son or my daughter. It has been an incredibly stressful time for my family. The pain has been excruciating in my bladder and urethra, and I still have a bladder infection. I want to be able to enjoy my family and not be in this constant pain cycle.
“God bless, Alaina”
Please hold the following intention on Sunday, July 14, 2019 at 10:10 am Pacific US time/1:10 pm Eastern US/:6:10 pm UK/7:10 pm Europe
‘Our intention is that Alaina Hopgood be immediately, permanently and completely healed of all inflammation from Lyme disease and all pain in her pelvis, particularly her bladder and urethra, all bladder infections, and that she be healthy and well in every way.’

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