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              Intention of the Week - Erika Heywood
                                Help her regain motor control
                                April 19, 2009 - 5pm GMT

Here’s a remarkable story of intention and courage, sent in by  alternative therapist. Erika Heywood, 53, who lives in Basingstoke, England, was diagnosed 14 years ago with motor neurone disease (MND) after 13 months of symptoms.  


The doctors’ prognosis was bleak:  she would suffer severe and progressive motor dysfunction, and sure enough, within two years Erika was using a wheelchair and could only communicate by using one finger on her computer keyboard. Her situation was compounded by the fact that she lives alone, with carers visiting each day to tend to her needs.


Despite her doctors’ prediction, three years ago Erika added the Bowen Technique and Reiki to her regular complementary therapy sessions of aromatherapy and reflexology.  Through this regime, coupled with a radical change in her diet, daily positive affirmations and undoubted courage, Erika is gradually regaining control of motor functions.  


Erika can now lift her head, speak more comprehensibly, and with concentrated effort she can move her shoulders, arms and legs.


Let’s see if we can boost her even more.  She also needs help in finding new carers.




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At that time, please come together on the site and send a 10-minute intention:

My intention is for Erika Heywood to regain sufficient motor control and lung capacity, so that she is able to walk and talk again.  I also intend for her to find appropriate and excellent carers within the next few weeks.’

Please also include your comments to Erika, below:




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