How your intentions helped Jewel to overcome squamous cell carcinoma

Remember Jewel Wensel? A musician, teacher, composer and mother,’ living in Loveland, CO USA. She was one of our intentions of the week on March 29, 2020.
Jewel had been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and was scheduled for Mohs surgery on April 1, 2020.
We’ve just heard back from her friend Grace Garnett, who nominated her, with the following amazing news:
“Julie managed to get her surgery rescheduled and so the first surgery to remove all the cancer was highly successful on April 8th.
“Her second surgery - to begin her forehead flap nasal reconstruction - was on April 13th.
“The 3rd surgery - to continue the nasal reconstruction - will be 3-4 weeks from April 13th.
“There may or may not be a 4th surgery, depending on the 3rd one.
“This is all due to everyone holding Intention - and she was able to get her surgeries scheduled with a new team that was willing to do the surgeries during this time period. (Otherwise, even with an aggressive cancer - she would have had to wait until much later).  All these outcomes are due to everyone's holding of Intention (in my mind).
“Please feel free to report her most wonderful and joyous outcome.
“Love and blessings.”
Your intentions are making such a difference to so many lives.  Keep joining us every Sunday at 10 am Pacific!

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