How your intentions helped Katie to heal from brain cancer

In November 2021, one of my current Intention Masterclass students, Sara Williams wrote in about her friend’s niece, Katie Lousteau, aged 17,  from Dorset, England.

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Katie had been diagnosed with terminal brain stem glioma a few weeks prior to the intention and had been told by doctors that that there was nothing more that could be done and given only a few weeks to live.

Sara wrote in at the time to say: “She is noticeably deteriorating, and now thinking about getting a wheelchair as she cannot walk without difficulty, and her balance has gotten worse since the initial diagnosis.”

Our community intended for Katie’s cancer to completely disappear and for her to be healthy and well in every way on November 7, 2021.

Sara wrote to us this month to share some amazing news about Katie’s progress:

“Just before her Sunday Intention on November 7th, she was offered radiotherapy & has now had about 10 days’ worth.

“When my friend went down to see Katie on November 16th, she was in a wheelchair unable to walk at all because of balance difficulties, her speech was slurred & she had lost the use of her right hand.

“I got the following update on December 1st:

“Just before I had come out, Shelley had put a video up on messenger showing Katie walking out of the hospital after her treatment today!

“Such an amazing improvement from when we saw her and tonight, another video showing her using her right hand, something she hadn’t been able to do for quite a while. It’s amazing, and so heartening for the family.

“I'm sure the Intention has a lot to do with this, as well as the radiotherapy (which they weren't going to do)

“Our Intention Masterclass group, Every Little Thing are continuing to do monthly Intentions for Katie too.

“Thank you again for putting Katie up for an Intention”.

Your intentions are making such a difference to so many lives.  Keep joining us every Sunday at 10 am Pacific!

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