How you helped Rosemary Heyes get discharged from the hospital

On July 11th, 2019

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Remember Rosemary Heyes, aged 71, of Dunfermline in Scotland, one of our Intentions of the Week on Sunday, June 23?

Rosemary, you may recall, has breast and lung cancer that metastasized to her lymph system and her bones. She’d been suffering pains in her hip and inflammation in her right leg. After going into a coma for some days in February, she’d been in the hospital ever since.

Nevertheless, as her friend Kirsten Hansen wrote, “Rosemary is a healer herself and is still healing people in the hospital, with good results, and she feels something magical is happening when she is healing—different than before. She is very strong-minded and is doing healing on herself as well.”

Rosemary’s greatest wish was to come home and continue her work for some years if possible, but as of our intention, the doctors would not allow her to leave.

Kirsten just sent an update to say that Rosemary gave feedback the day after our group intention, saying that she felt the healing very intensely.

“She is so much better,” says Kirsten, “that she was allowed to go back to her home and have help there! She sends many blessings and is very, very grateful. Lots of love to all!! 💜”

So keep intending and joining into our Intentions of the Week as much as you can. You continue to work miracles!



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  1. Karen metcalfe says:

    Can I please ask for a my daughter to be the subject of intention . Her name is hannah metcalfe age 26 from Newton Aycliffe in United Kingdom. She has recently been diagnosed with benign kidney tumours and has had surgery a blood transfusion and medication for infection . She is struggling with keeping positive and is feeling low about all the bloods that have to be taken as it hurts and she is feeling very tired. Please sent healing intentions for a speedy recovery. She just wants to get home.Thankyou

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