Help Dalton to heal from a brain tumor

‘Our intention is that Dalton Lazic be immediately, completely and permanently healed of all traces of desmoplastic medulloblastoma and any metastases in his brain and spine, and that he be healthy and well in every way.’

Intention of the Week: Dalton Lazic
Help him to heal from a brain tumor
Sunday, July 5, 2020
10:20 am Pacific US time

Margot, a member of our community, has nominated her son Dalton Lazic, aged 2 and a half, from Deurne, Antwerpen, Belgium for an Intention of the Week. Here is his story as told by his mother:

“Our 2-and-a-half-year-old son, Dalton was diagnosed with a metastatic brain tumor.

“Since the surgery of the primary tumor, he has had all the bad luck in the world with drainage problems, infections, meningitis and so on. They haven’t been able to start the treatment yet. We have been waiting for over a month now. When time is so scarce, this is very sad and frustrating. He suffers from the treatments. He’s afraid, angry, confused and slowly we see him changing and slipping away.

“A few days ago we found out how scarce time actually was... A new MRI scan showed that the metastases have grown extremely fast, and the doctors now believe that they probably cannot cure Dalton anymore.

“Dalton has a desmoplastic medulloblastoma with metastases in the brain and halfway through his spine. His chances were poor when we found out, but now 1.5 month later, they are close to zero.

“As soon as possible he should receive a very aggressive type of chemotherapy. Since he’s not three years old yet, they try to avoid or postpone radiotherapy, which is even more harmful. Even if he survives, he will have a lot of collateral damage and his future looks grim.

“We are looking for a way to break this chain of bad luck, to make him feel better and to help him to conquer this cancer and the side effects of the treatment…or even avoid the treatment.”

Please hold the following intention on Sunday, July 5, 2020 at 10:20 am Pacific US time/ 1:20 pm Eastern US/ 6:20 pm UK/ 7:20 pm Europe:

‘Our intention is that Dalton Lazic be immediately, completely and permanently healed of all traces of desmoplastic medulloblastoma and any metastases in his brain and spine, and that he be healthy and well in every way.’



17 responses to “Help Dalton to heal from a brain tumor”

  1. Ingrid says:

    Unbelievable what kind of food he gets in Hospital. Doesn‘t seem to support healing.
    All the best for him and his health !!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Lynne,
    FYI, as we're intending, I'm pointing Reconnective Healing frequencies at the person's photo and for me, it intensifies the experience.
    Take care & be well!

  3. J. Gelissen says:

    Also For Amy I will do the R.H. (its Delfin alsow) she will heal compleet.

  4. Ferman Smith says:

    Dear Lynne,
    Somehow, down deep, I feel that I owe you an apology. Is it because we are truly "connected"? I came at you pretty hard , with both guns blazing.
    It hurt me to see you uphold (unwittingly) Ali in his dehumanization of Frazier.
    However, I was wrong to call you names-- Bigot, Racist, Callous and Insensitive I truly do not know if you are any of those words apply to you.
    Either way-- I was wrong and way out of line.
    About the only thing I believe is relevant : Your video was short and superficial. You did NOT do your homework. As an investigative journalist and best-selling author, you probably now realize this was a mistake. Hopefully, had you known more of the history of Ali and Frazier, you may have "tempered" your analysis.
    Was the word I used.
    For me, that is what this short video was-- Clinical. By that assertion-- I standby.
    Aside from that : I am NOW in CONFLICT with the "Intention" Experiment.
    At first it was because I felt in conflict with you. Now I have "forgiven" you-- Of course, perhaps you have Nothing to be forgiven for! I just felt so bad for Joe Frazier and his family.
    But the conflict :
    When I pray now I wonder can I truthfully recite the words of "Intention" for ten minutes. Is not there a Scripture in the Holy Bible about vain repetition? Somehow I now feel that is what I would be doing.
    So question : Do we , as participants , have leeway when we pray? Or are we to adhere to the "Intention" statement only?
    The reason : David Williams and many others , are in need of a miracle. My logical mind is struggling with this. Also-- David is a "Spiritual person". If David is "Spiritual" -- he knows there is "Life After Death".
    Saturday night before the "Intention" prayer, I said a prayer something like this : "Lord I do not know what your plans are for David. David is a good person, He does not deserve to be in constant pain. You have the power to break Satan's grip on David. Give David relief from this constant pain. That was my prayer or something to that effect. I also prayed similar prayers on Saturday ( the night before the Intention prayer) for the other two people scheduled for prayer on Sunday , May 3.
    I did not participate in the "Intention" prayer as I did on April 19 and April 26. I am ONE person only. However, I feel my prayer must be sincere.
    Any comments or suggestions?
    Lynne can we communicate freely?
    You can call me directly on my home phone , here in Pearland, Texas at 281-809-3862. I would like to have a positive impact and presence at your venue.

    Ferman Smith

    • Elene Gusch says:

      Ferman, I hope Lynne does reply to you in some way.
      But meanwhile, I can say that the passage about "vain repetition" has nothing to do with what we are trying to accomplish here. "Vain repetition" would be mindlessly and meaninglessly prattling, in a hypocritical manner. Here we are sincerely concentrating not on empty words but on a true desire to be helpful to someone in distress. Repeating the intention serves to keep our mind on what that person needs. If you haven't yet read "The Intention Experiment," which outlines the research on what makes intentions work better, please do. You will probably feel much clearer about all this and more confident that it's worth doing.

      Thank you for your sincere seeking!

      • Ferman Smith says:

        Dear Elene
        Thank you so much! You are the very first person to respond to me at this website. I thought correspondence between us would be confidential though there is no need for confidentiality.
        I just went back to the passage in the Bible we are discussing. I also read a commentary about it on the Internet.
        For me there are some Pros and Cons-- which are strictly my own opinion on the subject.
        First of all Scripture is subject to interpretation. I do not believe that all Prayers of Repetition are vain or meaningless or even hypocritical.
        I think the point may be : If they are said with Emotion they do not have the Impact they should or would have. You can say or repeat the most beautiful and meaningful words possible-- said without emotion -- Meaningless.
        Now I do believe we should use the "Intention Statement" to repeat initially and often as a guideline and the framework of our ten minute Prayer/Intention for each person.
        So my question to Lynne was basically : Could we also "Personalize" it? I did not use those exact words but it is what was attempting to communicate. After all: In reality most of us do not know any of the three candidates. To focus on statement or phrase for ten minutes for me is quite difficult. However, if I had "leeway" to use some other techniques in conjunction with this, I feel my "Intention" will be even more focused.
        Now Lynne did NOT answer me DIRECTLY concerning this. I do believe she answered me INDIRECTLY! If you read my later response, I acknowledge Lynne for including responses from two other people who apparently were using their own techniques while engaging in the "Intention",
        As for my familiarity with the subject matter : I have read two of Lynne's books. "The Field" and the "Intention Experiment".
        On a personal basis : Years ago I experimented with Telekinesis and achieved success. I had to concentrate on a target INTENSIVELY for seven minutes! This was no easy feat for me-- To concentrate for that long-- with that INTENSITY!
        But I succeeded. I have written about this in several of my e books. I abandoned practice ,however, because I did not understand this ability. In short-- I was afraid of it.
        In recent years I began to wonder -- Can I use this ability to heal others?
        Sometimes my abilities surface spontaneously without any effort on my part. When phenomena does occur, there is usually a STRONG EMOTIONAL component present.
        Sorry for the LONG response. It is my personality -- My nature.
        In no way is this my attempt to negate your message to me. !
        I have not heard from Lynne directly at this point.
        But I am OK with that.
        I believe wants to stimulate dialogue-- Dialogue that does not trigger bitter debate.
        Also Lynne is a very busy lady.
        Finally ; You are correct -- There are some people who would ridicule and belittle your efforts. I am NOT one of those people.
        When I did my first "Intention'" on April 19( my bday) I was pleasantly surprised by the music. I have that CD and three more by Jonathan Goldman. So you see you , Lynne and I already have something in common.
        Again thank you so much. It is good to know someone is listening!

      • Ferman Smith says:

        I looked at one of your earlier posts. You mentioned you lost "touch" for a while. Am curious -- Is that because of lack of "Interaction" from participants and/or Lynne and her staff?
        I see you are a DOM ( Doctor of Oriental Medicine). It is obvious you are very knowledgeable.
        Think I understand Lynne's seeming reluctance to interact or correspond with me.
        She made a short video about Muhammad Ali and Intention.
        I reacted badly. I still think the video is in poor taste. However, my reaction was not totally appropriate either.
        I believe Lynne is steering clear of controversy. I have read about Lynne at my favorite source :"Wikipedia". Recently I found out Lynne is an "anti vaccinationist".
        Without being judgmental , I am wondering what her stance is on a vaccine for the Corona virus.
        The website lists 572 responses from participants. From those Lynne has chosen a handful.
        So again curious. How do you feel about the interaction here at the website?
        Outside of me and you-- I only see a few comments here and there. Is it that people are reluctant to post?
        What is your view?
        Do feel Lynne is accessible?
        Or do you have basically no comment?
        Oh by the way : I tried acupuncture many years ago not long after I was first diagnosed with hypertension. Thought about using it again but my insurance at the time as I recall would not cover it.
        I googled you.You are very qualified!
        Well if you see this post-- drop me a line. Would be nice to hear from you.

      • Ferman Smith says:

        Dear Elene
        Wow was I wrong! I just saw some of your earlier posts and the spirited debates ( exchanges) between you and some of the other participants.
        I made the statement : I believe Lynne wants to encourage dialogue not bitter debate.
        Well I would not characterize the debate and exchanges as bitter-- However, there were some particularly sharp exchanges!
        But of course, that is debate.
        So now as I ponder : There really was no reason or reason for Lynne not to respond. The only inference I can come to : She has no answer or what she considers an effective answer. Lynne is used to debate. Also for her my complaint with her may be what she considers trivial.
        I will have to go back and read your comments more thoroughly.
        I think you could run for a top government office if you so had the inclination!
        Wow I am thoroughly impressed with you!

  5. Ferman Smith says:

    Dear Sunshine
    I LUV your name! I like your smile. It is genuine and not forced. I cannot say that I share your pain-- as I do with some of the others at this website.
    I do share your concern for "Healing"-- as do many others beside me , at this website.
    I am praying for you TODAY and along with many others on Sunday! God bless you!

  6. Ferman Smith says:

    Dear Intention Participants -- Lynne and Her Staff :

    3:20 a.m. to 3:40 -- Something Phenomenal Happens"
    According to Sadhguru.

    First, I will tell you this : I consider myself basically non-denominational in my religious beliefs. I am neither a Buddhist or a student of Hinduism. I only recently became acquainted with Sadhguru via the Internet.
    When Sadhguru talked about Brahma Muhurta and the time period 3:20 to 3:40 , It gave me renewed insight on "phenomena" I had experienced years ago.
    The first was about twenty years ago. I was at work. Mentally I could her my youngest son called his sister. It was if I experienced telepathy. I went inside the lab office area and made note of the time. It was between 3:00 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. I had made it a habit of documenting exact times if I experienced unusual phenomena. The next day I called my son. He had indeed gone to his sister's room, He was not sure of the exact time, However after some discussion, we both arrived at a time that was between 5 minutes to fifteen minutes as I had documented in my log and later in my journal.
    The second occurrence happened in April 2014. I was working on a manuscript for a future e book. I lost thirty pages of manuscript --I was ticked off!
    My oldest son was coaching me about restoration points. The following morning between 3:00 am and 3:30 am. I recovered some of my lost manuscript, Mentally I screamed to myself : "Ferman… I have got to call Ferman!" I was so happy to recover some of what I had lost.
    Later on that day my son called and inquired : "Pops are you OK"?
    "Sure son,,,,, why"?
    I heard your voice this morning : "Ferman!"
    "What"? was my startled reply.
    My sat that time lived over twenty five miles away.
    But my son did not hear my voice "Telepathically" within his mind. He heard my voice in his kitchen!
    As with my youngest son-- I tried to pinpoint when he heard my voice. We arrived at a time around 3:25 a.m.
    I had written about this in an e book before I ever heard of Sadhguru.
    I pondered whether the time of day had something to do with the occurrence.
    My oldest son told me when this occurred he had been meditating. I am not sure whether he is familiar with this time period or not.
    I bring this to you-- my fellow participants-- because if there is enhanced "Healing" available in this time period -- I would personally like to tap into it.
    I have NOT fully explored this as of yet, My awake and sleep cycles are rather erratic at this point.
    Well, that is about all I know and have to share on a personal basis about 3:20 to 3:40 am. My guess : Some of you are already abreast of this!

  7. Ferman Smith says:

    Dear Lynne And Staff :
    Wow I just hit the wrong button or something -- got bumped from the website. First of all , please do not take what I am about to write as Criticism.. Not even Constructive Criticism... It is more "Wishful Thinking" than anything else.
    Somehow I wish the website could be more "Interactive" to get the candidates for "Intention" more involved. Not necessarily easily done. We "Intend" for three people every week. Other than their Illness (as told by themselves or the person that nominates them), we have know way to "check up" on them unless they fill out a feedback form.
    To me this is Very Important. I have hit some very low points in my life from time to time. There were times when God felt distant. In those times what really lifted my spirit was that someone else actually cared. That I was not struggling all alone!
    Of course, the issues I was facing did not go away but I felt better.
    When I was very low there were two people who would call me whether I called them first. One was a long time girl friend, that would call even though we had decided to become friends only. The other person was my "baby brother". They would call almost invariably as if we were "connected". Something that Lynne talks about much more eloquently than I am able to.
    So for me, I have written down the names of the three people each week. Somehow if it were possible I would like them to know : I am still thinking about you even though you are no longer "Intention" of the week. I would like to quote former President Bill Clinton and say : " I feel your pain!", But that would not be totally true or honest. I do want them to know I still hope they are getting better-- that they are being healed.
    Again this is NOT a criticism. "Wishful Thinking".
    It was so very nice to hear from Elene. Someone is listening! Someone cares!
    For me that means a lot.
    The people up for "Intention" every week have some very serious illnesses. They may not be up for "Interaction". This is understandable.
    Even though I cannot say that I know EXACTLY how each person feels-- I know what it is like to experience Despair-- Just two people called me when I was Very Low-- But OH it meant so much.
    Of course, EVERYONE cannot get involved. Baby Laila cannot -- at eight months … unless she is a GENIUS-- which she may very well be!
    So for some it would be impractical or impracticable ( is that a word?) for this to occur.
    I have been debating whether to share with this website my views on Miracles-- A special I saw on a show called 20/20 in 2010. Also my own personal view point on Miracles from a "Numerology" point of view, I have been hesitant because I am "Fearful" some at the website might find it pessimistic or negative. If I was actually sure that Lynne and her staff would preview it first.. then perhaps I would post it. Otherwise. I remain hesitant.
    To Lynne , staff and participants : You are doing a WONDERFUL JOB! To be honest : This is the most I have interacted on the Internet in over twenty years.

  8. Ferman Smith says:

    Well I made it ! I lost of time and went about 15 minutes instead of 10 on Julie's "Intention".
    Thanks so much to Lynne and her staff. Thanks Very Much to Patti and Julie the "honored guests of the week's intention" for showing up to say Hello! That meant a lot to me. Of course Baby Laila did not or could not show up quite yet.
    I hope each and everyone got Immediate relief. To the Family and Friends : Hang in there. I know it is tough for you as well!

  9. J. Gelissen says:

    For you Stephen, I wil give A reconnection / delfine ( del-fine) healing with greetings from teh holistic land Holland.

  10. J. Gelissen says:

    Dear Devi, for you from me (and the dolfine,s) i will send R.H. delfine healing.

  11. J. Gelissen says:

    Debbie Hogan, for you from Holland you get A Del-fine R.H Healing . It would be naice to heare somting afterwile .

  12. Saanti says:

    Hi Debbie! It was so beautiful to see thousands of hands touching your neck at the same time - all emitting healing light and love. I saw many things but the most important was your wedding. You look sooooo beautiful and had 100s of pictures taken of you. All the issues with your neck are completely gone and golden healing light is running freely up and down your spine. Tap into that light and see it flowing.

  13. J. Gelissen says:

    Dear Mike , for you from Holland you will get a R.H. Delfine healing

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