Help Benjamin to overcome stage 4 lung cancer

‘Our intention is that Benjamin Cane be immediately, completely and permanently healed of all traces of lung cancer and any metastases, that the tumours in his abdomen disappear, and that he be healthy and well in every way.’

Intention of the Week: Benjamin Cane
Help him to overcome stage 4 lung cancer
Sunday, July 5, 2020
10:00 am Pacific US time

Benjamin Cane aged 48, from Springfield, Missouri, USA has nominated himself for an Intention of the Week. Here is his story in his own words:

I have a genetic defect, familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP). Basically, it causes cancer polyps to grow as early as 12 years old.

“In 2008 I had the sigmoid part of my colon removed due to diverticulitis, and then the rest 6 months later due to the number of polyps I had.

“The doctors carried out something called a J-pouch surgery, and now, I am in pain every time I have a bowel movement.

“In 2015, I was diagnosed with signet ring of the lung. At the time they gave me a 4 to 6 months’ time frame. I started with broad based chemotherapy for 3 rounds, then immunotherapy for a few months.

“I then started a first-generation treatment of Alecensa, but the side effects were too much for me to handle.

“And now I have been on the second generation of this medication for about 2 years.

“The last week of March to May I was really sick, my abdomen was swollen, I had a hard time breathing and had a headache that would not go away.

“I went to the doctors on May 9th and found out that I had multiple tumors in my abdomen and was diagnosed with numerous peritoneal metastases.

“Thank you for your help”

Please hold the following intention on Sunday, July 5, 2020 at 10:00 am Pacific US time/ 1:00 pm Eastern US/ 6:00 pm UK/ 7:00 pm Europe:

‘Our intention is that Benjamin Cane be immediately, completely and permanently healed of all traces of lung cancer and any metastases, that the tumours in his abdomen disappear, and that he be healthy and well in every way.’



21 responses to “Help Benjamin to overcome stage 4 lung cancer”

  1. Veronica Jamerson says:

    This was incredible. This is my first time doing intentions of the week. I hope I did it right. May all three wonderful human beings be healed immediately, completely and permanently! And healthy and well in every way! ♥️

  2. Audrey says:

    I try to take part in the weekly intentions. For each person I try to imagine how important it is for them to be healthy and well-this makes it easier for me to make sure I'm on the computer at 9am each Sunday-I live in Alaska. Usually a ways into the 10 minute session I begin to cry with gratitude. I know the intention is working them. Thank you for these opportunities to help others.

  3. Natalia says:

    The symptoms clearly indicate that Swanne feels powerless (pain in arms, neck and shoulders) and she wants but cannot walk away (pain in feet) .
    Swanne, regain your power back!💪💪💪💪

  4. Karen Quinn-Tostado says:

    This is the second week I've participated, and it was much more intense. The visualization came to me of a cell in the body being out of alignment, another part of myself, yet not an aware self, needing adjustment. The cell floating out of my body from the areas that need healing, in the form of each individual, Barry, Clare and Swannee, gently pulled out and lifted up in front of my Heart. Then a type of visual, a body held aloft by glowing tendrils of light emanating from all the other glowing cells in the Earth and all our bodies, a giant glowing ball of individual lights, all coming together to keep the individual slowly spinning, caressed by all. And as I exhaled I imagined gently blowing air through them, pushing out the dull light of disease, and totally filling them with the Light of the Creator. Feeling as though they were individual cells from myself, yet not; focusing on them, but sensing a deeper pool waiting for us all to swim in. Brought chills and tears and I'm in!!!! Namaste and Gratitude to Lynn and team for providing this space!

    • Ferman Smith says:

      Very interesting and profound. In 1986 one of my brother-in-laws was seriously injured when the small plane he was flying crashed. I was lying in bed, praying for him. Somehow my mind, drifted-- It seemed like what people today would call a "Lucid Dream". It was as if my mind was traversing through the "Injuries" . It happened spontaneously. Unfortunately ( for the family who loved him) he did not make it. What happened with me and the imagery was spontaneous and unexpected. Your "Experience" seems more advanced and self-initiated. Either way, I commend you for your efforts to heal others!

  5. Elizabeth Downes says:

    Thank you for the honor of participating in this. This was my first week. My heart opened up so much and the love came pouring out for these 3 women (march 15).

  6. J. Gelissen says:

    I feel very grateful to be part of these, I have an own pratis for many years i give healing sessions to people , so I give it now to heal other people in the world.

  7. Juliet Humphrey says:

    So for all 3 people, I had intense gut spasms, sometimes my head jerking as well...

    I noticed this seemed to be triggered when I had the words I.e, completely and the picture at the same time producing a feeling of joy/gratitude..and this seems to release a burst of energy! 🙏✨🙏 🎉🎉🎉

  8. Hello ,
    For many years now I do teh Reconnection Healing (its the delfin healing original) , so in this time with te corrona i have more time, I think why not give healings , so i do the 3 persons now every Sunday at 7 p.m

  9. Ferman Smith says:

    Dear Lynne,
    Thank you so much for posting my last on site message to you on May 5th. My "logical mind" was telling me : This message will not be posted. Yet, I kept getting the thought : Lynne will respond.
    So-- You answered one of my questions : Do we have leeway as participants? You shared a couple responses from participants who like myself, have their own individual ways of praying for the three candidates of the week.
    You did NOT respond "personally" yourself, as I have seen you do on a number of occasions in the past. Also, you or your moderator of the website, allowed my full text to be published "un edited", with my home phone number at the end-- That info( my home phone number) was for you alone. No-- it was not an attempt to flirt( smile)-- I realize you are a married woman. Actually, I really do not mind you publicizing my number. If anyone at the website would like to call me , discuss "healing" or other issues-- I am open to all conversation.
    However, my number was primarily for you Lynne.
    So far you and I have a unilateral relationship in terms of communication.
    But I get it : You probably feel communicating with me may be futile. Some people over the years have perceived me as argumentative. I can be -- but in truth : I seek harmony. Yet at times, I may become "dogmatic" as I seek the truth. My plus : I am Honest and Forgiving.
    So let's just let the issue of Muhummad Ali "The Master of Intention" rest for now.
    Like the others, I am appreciative you have opened a "portal" to help those who seek "healing".
    I would like to share this with you ( and others at the website) : This past Tuesday, I watched one of my favorite TV shows-- "New Amsterdam". In this episode there was a "Prayer Group" that "parked" themselves on the first floor of the hospital near the entrance.
    Max ( the CEO and main character) was a bit cynical toward them at first. However, they were doing no harm and he advised the security officer to let them stay. The security officer was relieved and mentioned "Miracles" he had recently heard about throughout the hospital that Max was not yet aware of.
    However, a teen age patient , took an unexpected turn for the worst. Max was very concerned. As a last ditch effort, Max caught up with the "Prayer Group" as they were walking away a couple blocks or so from the hospital. When Max approached the leader-- He clumsily began to ask for a "Miracle". The leader of the group stopped Max short :
    "Max it does not work that way.. He continued : "Do you know what "Miracles" are?--- A Shore Line between what we Can and what we Cannot understand.,,, We are NOT looking "OUT" we are looking "Within"... When we do it right Prayer changes us,,,, When you find that Shore Line... really find that Shore Line,,,, That is when you have a shot,
    I know this is TV and fictional characters-- Yet I think there is a profound message here.
    Prayer changes us-- Hopefully, it will also bring about change for the person we are praying for.
    Although perhaps NOT exact, I believe this may "ECHO" some of your own sentiments, Lynne.
    I believe Prayer changed me -- It made me realize my error when I initially "Attacked" you for the short video on Ali and Intention.
    You posted my response-- which I did NOT expect.
    Perhaps you and I have inched toward that "Shore Line" which may be beneficial for the candidates of the week for our "Intention" consideration.
    Oh yes --I realize you want the website to be basically non-denominational. In closing : There is a popular "guru" on the Internet. His name is Sadhguru. On one of his videos he asserts there is something "Very Special" about the time period of 3:20 to 3:40 a.m. I will save this for elaboration in our next "conversation".

  10. Ferman Smith says:

    Dear Marco,
    The Very Best to you. I am unfamiliar with your "illness". However, I believe YOU are up to the task! I will praying for you , along with many others. Let's beat this "thing"!

  11. J. Gelissen says:

    Last week someone say,s , during the healing here ,, I think I feel the vibrations from the Reconnection Healing . Well that,s was correct .
    I do it for 9 years now , It is maore than that , many more . This evening I wil be there for the nex 3 persons.

    With love and light , Johan.

    • Ferman Smith says:

      I missed that post. Was it posted at this website ? If so, I missed it. "Long distance healing"-- this is different. In fact, "Healing" or attempts on my part to be part of a "Healing Intention Group" is new to me. You seem to have a LOT of experience in this area. You are in much demand-- there are multitudes who need "Healing", Keep up the good work , as I know you will!

  12. Healing for Debby, with greetings from Holland, holistic land.

  13. J. Gelissen says:

    Healing is coming from teh universe forDebby

  14. J. Gelissen says:

    I will give Pierre an R.H. delfine healing

  15. Ferman Smith says:

    Dear Lynne,
    I am getting the distinct feeling that I will NOT hear from you again--- Unless it is to inform me that I am officially banned from this website.
    I hope that is NOT the case. It has been my desire to have a positive impact here. Instead , it seems all I have accomplished is to antagonize you.
    This was NOT my intent.
    I look at my comments -- I would characterize them as "Brutally Honest
    "Brutally Frank"
    or Perhaps
    A Bit Sarcastic
    Was there Truth involved or just merely an opinion....
    You have characterized it as
    Aggressive Verbal Display
    This is Very Unfortunate for me-- I have admired you for years. I regard you as a Brilliant person!
    I have been wanting to correspond with you for years. When I do get your "Undivided Attention" it is under Very Unfavorable circumstances.
    At 74 years old I have made a number of mistakes in my life. When I do, I own up to them. Or at least as best I can-- I try to own my mistake.
    When I asked you whether you were dyslexic-- It appears I may have agitated you. I am probably closer to being dyslexic than you are. If you look back at the responses I apologized.
    I did say some uncomplimentary things in my responses. This was mostly out of frustration and my desire to elicit a response.
    I stated : I did NOT agree with MUCH of what you said. I did NOT say EXACTLY what I did NOT agree with. I was afraid If I expressed it, you might be agitated even further.
    If you decide to ban me -- in some ways you might be doing me a favor.
    EMOTIONALLY it is VERY DIFFICULT at times to be here.
    I see so much illness -- Illness that I want to help cure. It is a GREAT challenge.
    I did not even know how to use my FACEBOOK icon to comment to either you or staff set it up for me.
    It is getting VERY LONELY here.
    But I know this seems to be the over-all climate at this portal. Not very many people make comments. A few here and there.
    I was trying to stimulate more activity.
    Instead it appears ( once again) I have only aggravated you.
    I wish that I could have a more "PRIVATE" conversation with you. But I know this is most likely not feasible.
    I would imagine many people want a "piece" of you so to speak.
    You are a World -famous author.
    Soooo,,,, I dunno… if I don't hear from you by Sunday at the website, I will have to accept the message : I won't hear from you again.
    Again-- that proposition brings me great sadness.
    I will probably continue to make a few comments here and there and then I will just fade away into the Sunset.

  16. Ferman Smith says:


    Dear Lynne,
    I have been undoubtedly been reflecting on your words of admonition to me.
    So I pondered what would I consider an "Aggressive Verbal Display"?
    What immediately comes to mind :
    In November 1976 , I was an extra in the movie " The Greatest" starring Muhammad Ali. This segment of the film was being staged in the Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston, Texas. I was chosen , along with two other young men to portray ringside reporters. They were staging and filming the first Ali-Frazier match on March 8, 1971.
    On the set was Ali , Ernest Borgnine, Annazette Chase (who was portraying Belinda Ali) and a small group of people to portray the crowd at Madison Square Garden.
    Muhammad Ali was throwing the "N" word around left and right. He became interested in a tall African American woman in the crowd. One problem: She had an apparent male companion seated next to her.
    Ali then focused his attention on him.
    "Say brother what do you do for a living"?
    " I drive a truck.." Was his immediate answer.
    The crowd just sort of chuckled.
    Ali not long afterward made this "AGGRESSIVE VERBAL DISPLAY"
    "I can take any man's woman here!"
    Well guess who opened his big mouth!
    I calmly announced
    "Ali I bet you can't take my woman."
    Ali walked to the edge of the ring and unleashe a barrage of insults in ten seconds I did not think was humanly possible :
    "N" You so ugly I wouldn't want any woman you could get....
    "N" you so ugly Yo Mama don't claim you!"
    At this final insult I calmly announced.
    "Get the gloves... I am going to come in their and whip your ass..."
    Ali walked to the edge of the ring and hung on the ropes ten feet away from me.
    In awe he asked
    "You mean you would fight me ?"
    Once again I calmly announced
    "Yes … I don't allow any man to talk to me in that fashion...."
    Ali turned away from me, still hanging on the ropes and said
    "These Brothers In Texas are CRAZY !"
    Suddenly the "N" word was gone....
    Then someone yelled :
    "He's asking for it Ali..."
    Ali my ATTACKER suddenly became my DEFENDER.
    He walked to the corner of the ring nearest the voice that urged him on
    He admonished the man that was trying to egg him on.
    But that is NOT the end of this story.
    After we broke for lunch five of us showed up early. The worst or least probably the four worst people showed up early.
    Ali, myself, another African American who was also a "reporter" at ringside. The tall attractive African American woman and the African American man that could have replaced Ron O'Neal in the black exploitation movie "Super Fly".
    Ali continued his verbal onslaught directed at the man, hoping somehow to pry him away from his tall, attractive female companion.
    Suddenly the man pulled out a switch blade and uttered....
    "Man why don't you quit "" with me!"
    Trying to diffuse the situation , I began to softly laugh while walking between him and Ali , stopping a couple feet or so from Ali who seated at the steps at the entrance of the boxing ring.
    Calmly once again... ( I was amazingly calm throughout all of this)
    I said this:
    "Ali you have to use finesse to pursue a woman like that,,,,,"
    Ali mumbled something almost unintelligible
    "Yeah but he won't get away from the woman".
    The man still had his switch blade drawn nervously clutching on to It for dear life. He knew that if he tried to use it and missed , he would have to contend with the fastest hands in the history of heavyweight boxing.
    I calmly continued--
    Ali look at the woman's jaws..... the woman's jaws are tight...."
    Ali paused... he observed and then agreed...
    "You are right...."
    Ali grew quiet and then not verbally antagonize the man again.
    "Super Fly" put his switch blade away. Peace had been restored.
    Moments later the film crew, Ernest Borgnine and the audience arrived. They had missed a scene that was perhaps far more dramatic than in the upcoming movie.
    Now for me that was undoubtedly
    I dunno… Not sure if I am "guilty" of "AGGRESSIVE VERBAL DISPLAY".... perhaps...
    I do NOT even think I am guilty or EXCESSIVE VERBAL DISPLAY
    Because there is very little activity here. I may be VERBOSE... not sure if I am AGGRESSIVE OR EXCESSIVE....
    Any way, I actually liked and admired Muhammad Ali. In my view -- Muhammad Ali was a complex individual. It seems you either LOVED him or you HATED him.
    I undoubtedly do NOT agree with his treatment of Joe Frazier.
    I undoubtedly did NOT agree with his behavior in Novmber 1976.
    Hey you know what : Ali could NOT have taken my woman ( who was regarded as beautiful by some)-- my divorce became final in November of 1976. Had I been the "Master of Sarcasm"( as an associate pulmonologist in my doctor's office claims he is) I would have told him that or perhaps what my youngest brother said....
    "Take her Ali... you can have her!"
    But I did NOT.
    When Ali said : "Yo Mama don't claim you..."
    I went into some kind of trance.
    It was NOT so much that he "Attacked" me.
    It was as if he ATTACKED my Mother.
    I wrote about this experience in my ebook. "Extraordinary Performances In Sports And Life-- The Numbers That Influence Them".
    It is NOT a prominent chapter. I did NOT want the book to set a tone it was about Muhammad Ali nor did I want to appear to praise myself for my fifteen minutes of fame in an apparent attempt to degrade Ali--which it was not.
    It was simply a true encounter.
    Most people go along with Negative Intention. Including myself at times.
    However, for the most part-- I fight against NEGATIVE INTENTION whenever I see it!

  17. J. Gelissen says:

    Ondra Buchtela, I will give for you A del-fine R.H healing

  18. J. Gelissen says:

    I feel very grateful to be part of these, I have an own pratis for many years i give healing sessions to people , so I give it now to heal other people in the world

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