Help Arturo to overcome neuropathic pain

‘Our intention is that Arturo Belendez, be permanently, completely and immediately free of any type of pain in his head and legs, as well as sore and dryness in his eyes, and that he be physically and emotionally in perfect health in every way.

Intention of the Week: Arturo Belendez

Help him to overcome neuropathic pain

Sunday, November 17, 2019

10:00 am Pacific US time

Arturo Belendez, aged 65, from the San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato state, in Mexico and a member of the Intention Masterclass 2019 group, has nominated himself. Here’s his story in his own words:

“I have been suffering 24/7 chronic headache, dry eyes syndrome and neuropathic legs pain for almost 24 years. All my life I have been very active, enthusiastic, outgoing and entrepreneurial. But after my businesses went bankrupt in 1996 and the symptoms became a lot more incapacitating, without any clinical proof, my life became more difficult.

“I continue to be very creative and enthusiastic, but the symptoms hold me back from achieving most of my projects. Today I am focused in helping people to let go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions, but because of my symptoms, I e live in a permanent frustration and desperation state, even though I have found a passion helping my clients.

“From deep in my heart, I will be immensely grateful if all my Power of Eight fellows could join and be willing in taking part on an intention for freeing my body from the load it has been carrying for almost 24 years.

“I just want to recover my freedom to keep going on with my dreams in this journey.

“Thank you sooo much.”

Please hold the following intention on Sunday, November 17, 2019 at 10:00 am Pacific US time/1:00 pm Eastern US/6:00 pm UK/7:00 pm Europe:

‘Our intention is that Arturo Belendez, be permanently, completely and immediately free of any type of pain in his head and legs, as well as sore and dryness in his eyes, and that he be physically and emotionally in perfect health in every way.



18 responses to “Help Arturo to overcome neuropathic pain”

  1. Simone says:

    This is my first time on your site.

    What does Cho ku Rei mean?
    I found it to be quite powerful!
    Have read Power of Eight and have started a group.

    • Lynne McTaggart says:

      Hi Simone, thanks for being in touch. Cho Ku Rei is the meditative music that I use for all my Intention Experiments and Power of Eight groups. The music has been composed by Jonathan Goldman, from his album Reiki Chants, and Jonathan has given me permission to use it for everything related to my work. Please use it in your Power of Eight groups (or for the Intention of the Week on Sundays), but do make sure to identify the music and also to check out Jonathan's other great work:

  2. Bobbie says:

    Hi Lynne,
    I am a Reiki Master/Teacher. Cho Ku Rei is one of the symbols we learn in second degree Reiki. It is known as the power symbol. We learn it is sacred and don't use it in public.

    • Datch says:

      Hello Love!
      The Reiki symbols are indeed sacred and now more than ever, they absolutely should be used in public💖
      We all need Universal Love at this great transitional period in human evolution.
      Much peace, love and awareness to all!

    • Laura Grimshaw says:

      Hello Bobbie, My personal instinct and take on this is that this is two things. Sacred is one thing and Private is another. I believe that Private may have been 'added' as a precaution to those in history and ancient times who may have been persecuted for such a 'show of power' which would have 'belonged' to the top leader(s) at that time and easily stamped down in those under them. Not saying this is true, it's just what occurred to me when pondering this question: that people of the past needed to keep their power hidden.

      I am reading 'Galileo's Daughter' just now so it's not a stretch for me to come to this conclusion. That's the way it was. It took the Catholics hundreds of years to admit that Galileo was correct and to apologize. But they did. Galileo died in early January of the year 1642. Isaac Newton was born in December of the same year. In 1971 Apollo 15 Commander David R. Scott did an experiment from the moon and stated "This proves that Mr. Galileo was correct". Pope John Paul II called for a reexamination of Galileo's case in 1979. In 1992 Pope John Paul II publicly endorsed Galileo's philosophy.

      The energy of this time in history is different. People need to stop assuming ALL that has come down from the past (and current) powers that be is relevant and appropriate for the energy of today.

      Thank you and many blessings.

      • Hello, everyone. Today was my first time participating with this group, and I was very happy to be with you. I had been involved with Lynne's work a few years ago, but had lost touch.

        Many pieces of knowledge have been kept private in the past because they would be misunderstood or misused, or yes, the people who held them would be persecuted. Even now, there are people ridiculing us for doing energy healing, but all evidence says that they are incorrect!

        I'm a Reiki Master too, and for a moment I was a little bit taken aback by seeing a piece of music named Cho Ku Rei, but it really is not a big deal. First, the symbol is not actually present, only its name. Second, the Reiki symbols have been published far and wide over the past couple of decades, so they are no longer private, though any sacredness they possess has not been lost through this process. Reiki has become very democratized. That is a good thing, to my mind.

        The kind of intentional healing that's going on here is also widespread now, and we can hope and intend that we're making it all the more so.

  3. Sonia says:

    Hi Lynne,

    This is the first time I hear about your site and I'm amazed!
    I would like to send an intention for a friend but I do not have a photo and the system requires this point. How can I go ahead?
    This is a way of sharing my gratitude for what she did for me.

  4. Pilar says:

    I have just learnt about you and the Power of Eight. I live in an eastern spanish village and due to physical condition I can't have lots of external contacts. I joined the week experiment last week, and will join next week's too. I still don't have a group, physical nor virtual, so I am doing this on my own. I bought your last book and I'm reading it, whatever if you have any advice or can put me in contact with spanish groups I would be very grateful. Thank you.

  5. Dominique Remi says:

    Hi Lynne, I'm reading The power of 8 and was on line this Sunday. I love your work, your passion, as well as the curiousity and determination you're showing to explore new avenues in consciousness.
    I'm from Belgium and I'm wondering if they'd be any Power of 8 group there, preferably in French, otherwise in English. With love and gratitude

    • Lynne McTaggart says:

      Hi Dominique, thank you for your kind words and for coming down on Sunday. Yes sure, please click on the link below to sign up to the community forum where you will be able to join or request to create a virtual Power of Eight group: There are groups from all around the world on the forum and they are self-managed.


    I will be participating today for the 1st time

  7. Christine Walton says:

    I am wondering whether you are able to determine how many people come on your site to participate in your weekly intentions, and whether you post results anywhere on your site. Thanks for making this available!

  8. Christine Walton says:

    Actually, I just found the feedback page...The several results there look encouraging! 🙂

  9. Deon Maasdorp says:

    Hi good day thank you for this power of caring read the book absolutely amazing I'm from south africa anyone from Africa I can connect with thank you

  10. George yacoub says:

    I will join in the the healing and se d light,love,and prayers to her and all the sick. I and .y family live at Sydney Australia. Both .yself and my family are sick as well. If you can help us I will be most grateful. In addition I will project to your sick patients seheke symbol as well. Many kind regards George yacoub

  11. Dear Lynne and everyone,
    This whole concept has changed me. As a metastatic bc endurer myself, I am always looking for ways to help, but felt essentially helpless until I found out about Lynne's work. I am trying to begin my own Power of 8 group--I think I've almost reached the magic number of participants! We will begin this Thursday morning, and I am very excited. The Sunday intentions have given me a good basis for our own approach. Thank you, everyone, for being here with me. If anyone has any logistical tips on how to maintain the momentum of a group, I would love to hear them. Thanks!

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