Healing your Life with the Power of Eight® in Spain

Harness the miraculous mirror effect of small group intention to heal your present - and your past

September 30-October 8, 2019

Join internationally bestselling author Lynne McTaggart, the world’s leading intention guru, and author of The FieldThe Intention Experiment, and her latest book The Power of Eight®, for a rare and intimate retreat in two sacred and beautifully restored monasteries in the heart of the gorgeous rioja country in northern Spain – and be prepared for a once-in-a-lifetime transformational and healing experience.

After more than a decade of experimenting scientifically with the power of intention in small and large groups, Lynne has discovered – and proven – that her techniques amplify intention and create a mirror effect, not only affecting the recipient but also reflecting back on the senders.

Thousands of Lynne’s students have used her techniques to:

  • Sort out long-standing health issues
  • Make their relationships more loving and fulfilling
  • Launch new and exciting careers
  • Get finances on an even keel, with a steady, abundant flow of money
  • Identify and overcome the negative thinking that holds them back

And best of all, in the process of healing yourself, you help to heal the lives of the other attendees!

At the retreat, you’ll spent a part of every day in sessions with Lynne in a small and highly select group, where Lynne will be joined by her husband Bryan Hubbard, co-owner of What Doctors Don’t Tell You and author of the groundbreaking book The Untrue Story of You.

In these advanced sessions, Bryan will show you why many of your intentions don’t work, despite your best ‘intentions.’

Bryan will describe how experiences you never fully understood from your past weigh you down, causing you to respond in the present with anxiety and fear.

Lynne and Bryan will work with you using special intention techniques to heal specific incidents from your past that prevent you from living life to your full potential.

They’ll work with you to design your future.

And they’ll share a few intention secrets of their own remarkable 34-year partnership (they live together, work together, and have raised two beautiful adult daughters, four companies and one dog together).

What you will learn at this retreat:

  • You’ll attend intention bootcamp using Lynne’s unique intention toolkit, a unique blend of science and ancient wisdom, with 13 vital and little understood techniques to identify and fine-tune your focus on your goals.
  • You’ll practice improving all your relationships through the power of certain intention techniques.
  • You’ll discover how to identify when you are ‘broadcasting’ a sense of scarcity, lack and competition, and how to change the ‘conversation.’
  • You’ll become conscious of your own attempts to sabotage your own highest aspirations, often from improperly understood situations from your past, and learn to reprogram your own negative thought stream.
  • You’ll discover how to heal the negative patterns you have created in your life and become the real 'you' – the child you once were who could see the world as it really is, an unfolding miracle in the present moment.
  • You’ll find out how to counter negative intention – whether your own or that of the people around you – and how to make positive connections, even with people you find the most difficult.
  • You’ll experience for yourself the instant transformational state of oneness through the group intention experience, usually only experienced by people like Buddhist monks after years of disciplined practice.
  • You’ll practice special ‘retro-intention techniques’ developed by Lynne to heal the deepest of wounds from your past, and special techniques by Lynne and Bryan to design and plan your own future.

Where the retreat will be held

After experimenting with the resonance effect of group intention in sacred spaces, Lynne has chosen to hold the retreat in two former monasteries, now converted into luxury hotels, including the best preserved Cistercian monastery in Europe with a spa of thermal-medicinal waters.

Apart from their life-transforming sessions, you’ll spend plenty of down-time with Lynne and Bryan, exploring two magnificent small cities – Haro and Valladolid – enjoying of some of the world’s best wines, experiencing (and even practicing) flamenco, immersing yourself in the 2000 sq meter spa with its healing treatments, and visiting Madrid for a day at the one of Spain’s finest hotels.

You will land in Bilbao, the de facto capital of the Basque country, and then spend two nights in the recently renovated Hotel Los Augustinos, one of Spain’s best 4-star establishments with spacious bedrooms and magnificent architecture, including a cloister and chapel, and some of the world’s best wine (and wine museum).

We then head off to spend five nights at the the 5-star Castilla Thermal Monastery of Valbuena, with its own organic garden and natural mineral spa, and array of healing treatments and extraordinary wine.

For our final day and night, we move onto the Gran Melia Palacio de los Duques, one of the Leading Hotels of the World, a former 19th century palace surrounded by a 1000 sq meter garden – in a prime location in central Madrid and a short walk to some of the city’s most important sites.  We end our 8-day trip with an evening of some of the best flamenco dancing in the city.


Besides the trip of a lifetime, in these specially chosen sacred venues, you’ll get to experience the special amplified power of The Power of Eight®, which causes changes in individual consciousness, placing members of the group in a state of ecstatic union – exactly like the states experienced by a Sufi master or Buddhist monk. 

Join Lynne and discover the Power of Eight – sending thoughts of healing in a small group – is a fast track to the miraculous.

But places are limited! Lynne is only running one trip of this kind in 2019. The last one in Tuscany sold out months before the event. To avoid disappointment, make sure to reserve your place early.

What people are saying about Lynne’s last retreat in Tuscany:

“The week in Tuscany with you and Bryan was so outstanding, beautiful and game-changing – in fact the best journey I ever made! I don’t know how I can fully thank you and Bryan for this inner breakthrough, which for me it is the deciding factor to turn my life to the better and to where I dream it to be.”
Sybille Marseiler
“Thank you, Lynne and Bryan, for the amazing retreat and the opportunity to meet our soul community. We are continuing to meet and our intention gatherings via skype have had many wonderful positive results – with health turnarounds, progress in building our wellness resort, improvements in family members, and much more.”
Sujeevani Dedigama
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London SW19 8DR.

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