Healing beyond your genes

The final instalment of the FREE Facebook Live webinars between Lynne McTaggart and leading pioneers of healing and New Science is Lynne in conversation for with Dr. Bruce Lipton on Monday, December 10.

Join Bruce and Lynne for a profound discussion on their up-to-the-minute research and profound insights from their latest books, The Power of Eight and The Honeymoon Effect. 

Lynne McTaggart, the international bestselling author of seminal books like The FieldThe Intention Experiment and her latest, The Power of Eight, is considered one of the world’s chief authorities on the New Science and intention. She has witnessed thousands of instantaneous healings with her Power of Eight techniques.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a stem cell biologist is an internationally recognized leader bridging science and spirit.

He is the author of numerous bestselling books, including The Biology of Belief.

Dr. Lipton has long been fascinated by the principles of quantum physics and how they might be integrated into his understanding of the cell.

His subsequent discoveries presaged the entire subject of epigenetics – that genes are not destiny.

In this Facebook LIVE event, fourth in a series of Lynne’s FREE webinar conversations with major other notables of the New Science, you’ll have a rare opportunity to watch these two cutting-edge leaders in the field of science and spirituality as they compare their latest discoveries about our extraordinary capacity to heal our own lives and the lives of others through our seemingly supernatural powers, and how these extraordinary powers get amplified in a group.

In this candid discussion, you’ll learn about their greatest breakthroughs, their most unexpected results, their deepest sources of inspiration, the incredible synergy of their individual findings and profound new conclusions we can draw from them about how our universe works.

Here are just a few of the amazing topics they’ll be discussing

  • The science behind why genes don’t control our health
  • The power of thoughts to change our biology
  • Why Darwin was wrong about competition and survival
  • The role of community in affecting our health and genetic destiny
  • The mechanisms behind ‘spontaneous’ healing
  • How we can create a permanent state of bliss that will impact all aspects of our lives
  • Mind as an information trespasser and remodeler, alone and in groups

Plus much more…

This lively, engaging and informative conversation between two giants in the field of consciousness will offer an will inspire you to unlock your body’s innate healing powers, alone and in groups!

This 60-minute webinar is completely FREE and will be run simultaneously on both Lynne McTaggart’s and Bruce Lipton’s Facebook pages.

To watch this historic event, simply tune in on one of the Facebook pages on December 10 at 9 am Pacific/ 10 am Mountain/ 11 am Central/ 12 noon Eastern/ 5 pm UK Time/ 6 pm Europe

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear both Lynne and Bruce in conversation. Mark this date in your calendar TODAY!

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