Healed in an instant - Unlocking your latent healing powers

Lynne McTaggart/Eric Pearl/Jillian Fleer live teleseminar

Healed in an instant - Unlocking your latent healing powers. Join Lynne, Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer live for a profound discussion on their latest findings and experiences about miraculous healing.

Posted by Lynne McTaggart on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

A FREE live video conference on Tuesday, May 22

9:00am PST/12 noon Eastern/ 5:00pm London/6 pm Europe

Join Lynne, Dr. Eric Pearl and Jillian Fleer for a profound discussion on their latest findings and experiences about miraculous healing.

This is a rare opportunity to watch these three cutting-edge leaders in the field of spirituality as they compare their latest discoveries about our extraordinary capacity to heal our own lives and the lives of others through our seemingly supernatural powers, and how these extraordinary powers get unleashed during Reconnective Healing but are also amplified in a group.

In this candid discussion, you’ll learn about their greatest breakthroughs, their most unexpected results, their deepest sources of inspiration, the incredible synergy of their individual findings and profound new conclusions we can draw from them about how our universe works.

Dr. Pearl has long considered Lynne’s ground-breaking work The Field as the perfect explanation for why Reconnective healing works. Lynne’s own accidental breakthroughs and healing success with her Power of Eight groups has caused her to delve into the nature of healing in all forms.

Here are just a few of the amazing topics they’ll be discussing

  • The real secret of healing: how you become superhuman
  • The amazing mirror effect:  how healing heals the healer
  • The power of tapping into energy and information
  • Beyond the cognitive mind: accessing the source
  • The extraordinary healing effects of groups: when 4 + 4  = 500

Plus much more…

Don’t miss this extraordinary exchange between three giants in the field of consciousness, whose lively, engaging and informative conversation will inspire you to unlock your supernatural powers and form your own Power of Eight group!

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