Great News about Malinda Riccio

On July 12th, 2019

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Just a few weeks ago, at the urging of Jill Jordan, her best friend and a member of our community, we all sent intention to Malinda Riccio, who has had metastatic breast cancer (stage IV breast cancer) for 10 years. Doctors were even surprised that she is still with us.  Lately, the cancer had entered the brain and meningeal fluid.

As Jill said: “She is scheduled to see a neuro-oncologist soon, who is recommending a spinal tap and potential chemo into the spine. She would love to not have to go through that. Any comfort would help. She has pain throughout her body as the cancer is also in her bones, hip, leg and spine.”

Jill has just written in with an update:

“So excited to tell you this!!!

“We just got the brain scan report and it’s AMAZING! Says improved in all areas and nothing new! It's a miracle! This doesn’t happen in the medical field!

“And just for the report, the details are this:

“On the day of the intention 7/28, she had an ‘episode’ (that her doctors (a week later) assumed was a seizure) that left her unable to talk or understand her husband and loss of the use of her right arm. She thinks it was about 11am EST.

“After 1:10pm EST ON 7/28 her pain improved, and she was able to talk and move again.

“Over the week following the intention, the pain worsened for few days, and had a few days of being super tired and sleeping a lot, then the pain significantly improved, as did her overall well-being, and she had more energy. She is walking better and able to get around and do more over the past few days.

“She had an appointment with a doctor yesterday who ordered spine scans and was recommending a spinal tap and chemo into the skull, which we were hoping to prevent, and now Malinda is feeling like she won't need that after today's MRI. She will get the scans on her spine to check the progress there in a few weeks.

“Thank you so so so so so very, very much!

“We are just so speechless and filled with such gratitude – it is beyond words.

“Bless you all for this great work in the world!”

Keep your Sunday intending, everyone – it’s doing so much good!



5 responses to “Great News about Malinda Riccio”

  1. Joff says:

    Exquisite news. Well done everyone involved 🙏🏼🌈🙌🏼💎

  2. Chris says:

    Wow! That is fabulous news, you must all be overjoyed! <3

  3. Angela says:

    Wonderful news! Much gratitude.

  4. Debi SAYLOR says:

    Beautiful! Hallelujah! Will continue to hold you in positive thought and prayer. Bless you!

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