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    SEO copywriting was certainly a legitimate service in the days when keyword stuffing and density were considerations in making webpages more obvious in organic search. Nevertheless, great content remained the core of successful digital marketing plans over the years.

    You might think that the aged approach to creating SEO content articles is a thing of the previous. But in reality, content that gets highly ranked upon search engines is what many marketers remain aiming to achieve. The name of the game could have changed. The methodologies and approach may have enormously evolved as well. But the objective still remains the same.

    I have been writing about SEO and content marketing for the past six years. Here are the seven most important lessons I�ve discovered.

    1 . Target Multiple Keywords

    Choose and focus on producing topics that can target multiple keywords. This will ensure that your content can consistently drive visitors through search.

    It�s classic wisdom for content to concentrate on a primary keyword. However , internet marketers forget to maximize their content�s potential by including and targeting secondary search terms (long tails).
    jasa penulisan artikel That�s often enough to amplify its capacity to attract more organic traffic in an extreme way.

    Just imagine how much traffic you can get when you have dozens of pieces of content that every rank for hundreds (if not thousands) of search queries.

    Use Google�s Key word Planner to identify keyword variants (with substantial monthly search volume) you can target for your content.

    Strategically place your chosen key phrases on the key parts of your content:

    – Title indicate

    – Meta description

    — Header tags (H1, H2, etc . )

    From the sample above, I�ve built a content (a few weeks back for testing purposes) that mainly aims to rank intended for the search term �SEO Jakarta. � The topic itself is extremely broad (and could certainly be dull). So to be able to produce something that can honestly provide useful information to its intended audience, I actually incorporated specific modifiers including:

    – Consultants

    – Authorities

    – Agencies/Companies

    – Blogs

    – Conferences

    This produced the content more robust in terms of utility and depth of information, thus making it more sound for search engines to rank the page for the primary key word it is targeting (and more likely with its other variations).