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    Real Racing 3 is arguably one of the greatest mobile racing games currently because of several reasons. Some of the reasons include excellent controls with accompanying motion responses, and of course, the fact that the game has included real cars and real tracks. Reacing Racing 3 is an honestly impressive game that ought to be attempted by any gamer of any era.

    Can I play the NASCAR show on Real Racing 3?

    NASCAR is a part of the many groups from the Motorsports section. Ahead of 2019, NASCAR cars were on the in-game shop. The good thing is that in January 2019, NASCAR cars were made unavailable in the game shop and only the ones that have been in a position to buy previously have NASCAR cars. The license agreement for the usage of NASCAR content has finished. Currently, there is no way to acquire any NASCAR cars .

    How do I get money in Real Racing 3?

    Race dollars, motorsports dollars, and gold coins are the currencies of Real Racing 3. These currencies aren’t exactly the same and there are different ways of getting them. By way of example, so as to find race dollars or R$, players would need to complete races, progress in some series, finish in laps without being against other cars and hiring a manager. M$ is the newest currency in the game and is essentially a player’s incentive to play Formula 1 and buy its contents. Gold coins is the premium money in the game and some of the ways to get them are by completing some video ads, finishing Game Center or Google Play center achievements, and completing at least 25% of a certain series.

    What is the most lucrative racing in Real Racing 3?

    how to play real racing 3 multiplayer and special events in Real Racing 3, there are understandably some that will get you more dollars than others. The 27-minute Endurance Kings race is most likely the one with the largest R$ prize. Endurance Kings provide up to R$700,000 in winnings if you’ve got a 100% bonus. In the event you also want a massive payout but in a relatively shorter race, then the traditional Ferrari Showdown is the way to go with R$166,000 and 100% daily bonus and the typical racing times are less than ten minutes.

    Is easily the most expensive car in Real Racing 3 a Koenigsegg?

    At 1,200 gold coins, the McLaren MP4-X is Real Racing 3’s now most expensive race car. Gold coins are tough to get and arguably expensive to buy in the game shop. The gold coins at the shop are sold in packages but they can get expensive quite quickly. Basically, if you buy the McLaren MP4-X through purely real money, then it will cost you more than USD 123.

    What’s Time Shifted Multiplayer in Real Racing 3?

    One of the most unique features of Real Racing 3 is the Time Shifted Multiplayer that lets you race with actual people even though you are offline. Technically speaking, you are not playing with your opponents in real time, but rather, you are playing against the record they could set in that particular race. Additionally, the cars in the race are now AIs that replicate the conditions of the race vis-à-vis time This situation is true for all players and everybody meets a time shifted opponent.