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    The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean north of Madagascar, the height of Kenya. It is among the most popular destinations for honeymooners and romantic getaways for its climate, its beaches, the sea and the relaxed pace of life connected to them. Seychelles are the perfect destinations for a sailing holiday: rent sail or motor yacht, catamaran with or withour crew and enjoy your Seychelles yacht rental

    The inner islands are enriched with granite rocks that stand out from the forests, from the sea and white sand beaches of candida. The outer islands are of coral origin and are flat and are characterized by the glow of the sand with white sand beaches with palm trees and the blue of their crystal-clear sea. The vegetation and nature are the protagonists of the Seychelles islands together with the infinite variety of birds and its famous and colorful coral reef.

    The position of the Seychelles archipelago near the equator and the influence of trade winds make the climate of these islands tropical. Temperatures undergo minimal changes during the seasons and are pleasant throughout the year, averaging around 28-30 degrees.

    From November to April and from May to October many tourists lovers of water sports and sailing enjoy these breezes to complement their holiday also a sports break.

    In quiet times in their twenties, April-May and October-November, the sea is calm and therefore perfect for snorkeling and diving, allowing you to admire the fantastic coral reefs surrounding the islands.

    Three islands, Mahe, Praslin and La Digue are always deserted white beaches, palm trees bent that border a sea of a thousand shades, a unique and precious natural heritage, made up of forests, huge coconut palms , granite mountains that plunge into the sea, turtles giant, flowers that create a kaleidoscope of colors. The coast is a succession of breathtaking bays and beaches that are competing to be elected among the best in the world.

    The most famous and popular beach of Mahé is a long stretch of soft sand, not very white, surrounded by lush vegetation. Virtually deserted except at some resort, it offers a calm sea during summer season, though not particularly clear, while during the winter monsoon this area is battered by winds and currents carry a lot of seaweed. Here
    Restoration Brothers Warwick can practice a multitude of water activities. Two days a week, around sunset takes place a typical market, with several kiosks where you can taste the typical Creole cuisine, as well as seafood and grilled meat.

    Anse Severe is a particular beach: low tide is practically not possible to swim here, with the water up to your ankles and coral seabed to shore. At high tide will overcome the barrier and enjoy a nice snorkelling, the best in La Digue, including large fish and, with a little ‘luck, turtles and sharks. On one condition: calm sea, but it is not easy to find! At certain times, between low and high tide, the left end becomes a corner postcard, with clear water and palm trees which stretch over the water.

    The arrival in Mahé never betrays. The classic Seychelles Welcome Kit: 30 degrees and a weather that draws a 360 ° sky. They are storm clouds and sunbeams that paint rainbows beaches, forests, mountains and the turquoise sea of the main island of the archipelago lying just below the equator in the Indian Ocean. With over 1,500 kilometers between Bird Island, in the north, from Aldabra, in the south, the Outer Island remain largely unattainable for ordinary visitors with limited time available. The heart of the Seychelles, the Inner Island, contains such a quantity of jewelry to satisfy the most seasoned traveler and disenchanted.

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