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    Elise was proudly established since the first brand in eyelashes in Indonesia during of 2000. The concept originated the growing curiosity of faux eyelashes community-wide. Delivered out from our very own manufacturer in Main Java, Elise supply large different types of product or service making use of the highest quality of natural supplies along with skilled and knowledgeable craftmanship. Each and every kind of the eyelashes have been hand made very carefully with love and passion.

    We begun to bring in Elise to nearby market by partnering on top of standard retailers in Jakarta, then became over to provinces across Indonesia. Right after obtaining wonderful responses and enthusiasm, we business over to handful of countries, such as USA, The Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Poland, by partnering track of nearby vendors to assist distribute our items internationally.

    As the market evolves, in 2015, Elise expanded its distributions to modern retails across the nation. We maintained to work alongside large retail industry chains likeCarrefour and Hypermart, Boston Drugstores, Naughty, Giants, Foodmart, Lunadorii, Foodhall and Gramedia. In 2019, using the transform of whole administration, Elise was targeted to have much stronger presences in many pillars, and we been able to broaden to even more and bigger retailers, like Guardian, Watsons, and Indomaret. So far, our distribution channels are approximately 16,000 stores across the country and checking. On-line- wise, Elise has established its electronic digital footprints with getting formal e-stores in best 10 E-commerces like Tokopedia, Shopee, and so on, as well as experiencing recognized accounts in main and dominant social multimedia apps. Our company is also highly backed up with this computerized advertising campaigns.

    Inspired with the many characters of Indonesian cultures and women, we acquire those who are in great pride into our product or service choices and enhancements, when we observe that beauty is designed for anyone and this everyone is gorgeous. Beauty is not only what you see, but what you feel. Everything you feel means your confidence and persona, and self confidence is empowering. We believe that as a brand, we have a role in empowering women to enjoy their imperfections as uniqueness and to appreciate themselves by matching their looks with the quality goods. Splendor is all over the place encouraged, and also to look really good is a kind of self-respect in addition to respecting your circle.

    To accommodate the substantial diversities in elegance, Elise supplies the broadest choice of imitation eyelashes, which will suit any shape and type of eyeballs. Right now we sort out our merchandise into 6 range: –°lassic, Glamour, 3D, Tokyo, Pro and Monolid.

    Each and every collection possesses its own distinction, Vintage Sequence gives all-natural within the models that you could go with daily, in contrast to Tokyo Sequence is something you wish to go along with to attain an incredibly natural seem. Tokyo Collection is produced with tapered- finish technologies, wherein the materials is refined 2 times to really make it appear since it is your organic lashes. We are the initial and the only one to get this advanced technologies in Indonesia.

    Allure Sequence elevate your vision appearance with increased quantity, whereas 3D range, which combines 3 diverse models into 1, offers you remarkable appearance when you really need it one of the most, especially on the unique celebrations and days. Master Range is available with regards to enjoy the pros in the industry, dedicated exclusively for Make-up Designers, hobbyists, or fanatics. And Monolid Range is perfect for a basic or possibly a new user as well as for people with no lids who sensed that they may by no means at any time have the ability to use faux lashes.

    However, whenever you enjoy your splendor, you will get innovative, and you may use any one of our items as you like. Within our area, naturally, we will convey more addition on the way when we still endeavor together with the quality in our goods with innovations and varieties.

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