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    Games usually get its success and fame immediately after its release and it is fairly odd to talk about a game flourished only years later. though it’s peculiar, there is one older game that is quite popular at the moment and has become the talk of the town for months. It’s said that when creating games, there’s a certain recipe that developers follow in order to guarantee success. One of Us might have had this’recipe’ in your mind but it was not as powerful during its first release. There are some interesting current conditions that have put up the game for success that was otherwise non-existent two years ago. The current conditions plus certain major factors led Among Us’ 2020 success.

    • Familiarity – The game rules of Among Us isn’t some exclusive and unique idea. In fact, the rules are actually quite familiar and there have been a lot of games with similar concepts before Among Us. In fact, the very first social deduction game is not a video game, but instead, something that is played with two or three friends — Mafia. Mafia first came to the scene in 1986 along with the game version has sparked a movement among party games. How can I play among us online and relative simplicity of One of Us makes it an accessible game that is easy to comprehend and easy to enter. One doesn’t need to dedicate hundreds of hours to understand and win in the game that makes Among Us very attractive for novices and casual gamers.

    • Ease of Play and accessibility – If there’s also one thing that attracts a lot of players towards the game, it’s its ease of access concerning playable platforms. Cross platform means that players using a PC and players using a mobile device will still be able to match in the game no matter. Also, the system demands of One of Us are extremely low. The combination of those things result in an approachable game that is easy to like.

    • Current Conditions – This pandemic has definitely brought out the worst in every individual and every transaction. Small businesses and people’s mental health are just a few of the recurring problems that are being talked about. Despite the negative news all around, one industry prospered during these stressful times and it’s the video game industry. Because of this, Among Us was able to benefit from this fact. Among
    how can i download among us on pc is something which anyone can enjoy at home and it easily diverts their minds to something more positive. Among Us is not trying to perform and is also an interesting game to boot.

    • The Memes – Last of all, One of Us’ biggest publicity is through the creation of memes and the streams from famous Youtubers and Twitch players The posts talking about game jargons like’emergency meetings’,’sus’, and’imposter’ makes anyone want to be a part of the game; to laugh together with the real players and be able to understand the memes. In actuality, the game’s online visibility is the main factor why it’s risen to the ranks now.