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    Battle royale games have existed for quite some time. What makes battle royales such a roller coaster ride is its seamless mix of action, exploration, and scavenging for equipment. Though the battle royale genre had probably existed as early as the 90s, the concept was widened when the cult classic Japanese film Battle Royale was released in 2000. The movie basically established the key rules of how battle royale games will be played out – scavenge and survive.

    Currently, battle royale games have become some of the most known around the globe. Garena Free Fire is one such game that was able to capitalize the intense popularity of the game style which resulted to it being the most downloaded game in 2019. This is despite the fact that the market is overcome with heavy-named games of the same category.

    Garena Free Fire, also called Free Fire Battlegrounds or Free Fire, is a third person shooter online battle arena game that was created by digital games servicing giant Garena International. On September 30, 2017, mobile game Garena Free Fire was unveiled. Even though its launch was in 2017, Garena Free Fire is still wildly popular even to this very day. Its 500 million downloads and placement in the billion dollar ranks of gaming is a testament of its success. To carry out this, the game had differentiated itself from its peers in several ways.

    The game modes of Garena Free Fire is probably the epitome of a truly exhilarating battle royale third person shooter game. The quickness in accomplishing a single game is one of its primary features. Because the players for the classic mode would only be 50 people and the map is smaller, the games would naturally be shorter and more intense. There are also three maps that everyone can opt to choose. One more mode is Clash Squad, a 2-team 7 round battle where the teams are composed of 4 members each. Rampage pass is a mode where players have to select from Bringers and Liberi and accomplish missions.

    garena ’s most defining feature is the playable characters in the game. Most of the time, especially in other battle royale games, the modification of one’s character is limited. These are commonly in terms of gender or cosmetics. The 24 characters that exist in Garena Free Fire is what made the game an exceptional one. Apart from their great number, the 24 characters also have distinct capabilities that can be used to one’s advantage depending on the usage.

    There is no need to completely differentiate yourself from others to achieve victory in your field. Possibly a good way to look at it is by reworking an existing model that already works. That is exactly what happened to Garena Free Fire. It found the perfect combination of excitement, trendiness, and expert mobile game development that is easy to play, become in love with, and eventually love.