Healing the Past with the Power of Eight® in Piedmont, Italy

Join Lynne for a rare and intimate retreat in a former historic castle in Piedmont, Italy. Be prepared for a once-in-a-lifetime transformational and healing experience, while exploring a breathtaking setting and the extraordinary subterranean temples of Damanhur.

The sessions will be held in two locations: the historic VistaTerra Hotel/Castle and Damanhur, which has been termed the ‘Eighth Wonder of the world.’

After 13 years of experimenting scientifically with the power of intention in small and large groups, Lynne has repeatedly demonstrated that her intention can ‘time travel’: her techniques can not only heal issues in the present but also those of the past.

Invariably, as she has discovered, when people are not achieving their goals they are being sabotaged by events in the past.

But in her experience, the lingering effect of these past hurts can be overcome, no matter how long ago or deeply embedded.

Lynne will be joined by her husband Bryan Hubbard, co-owner of What Doctors Don’t Tell You and author of the groundbreaking book The Untrue Story of You.

Bryan will introduce his life-changing techniques from ‘Time-Light,’ the radical new therapy he developed, now being used by a team of European psychiatrists, to heal such problems as depression and anxiety.

Why wait any longer when you’ve already been waiting your entire life?

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