Healed in an instant: Supersize your intentions to transform your life

This is an online event. If you can't attend live via Zoom, we will send you the replay link so you can watch later.

Join Lynne McTaggart, world renowned intention guru and internationally bestselling author, and discover the secret of how group intention and the Power of Eight® unleashes a miraculous power to heal yourself, your loved ones – and the world.

During Lynne’s 22-year work on intention with prestigious scientists, she discovered an astonishing fact: when people carry out intention for each other in small groups of eight, miraculous healings among individuals and entire societies occur – virtually in an instant.

In her talk about the Power of Eight®, you’ll hear and see documented cases of cancer, paralysis, crippling arthritis, cataracts, multiple sclerosis, genetic liver disease, depression, chronic fatigue, and much more – all being healed just through people sending their loving thoughts in a group.

You’ll also have an opportunity to experience this ecstatic, transcendent experience for yourself and learn why small Power of Eight® intention groups have rightly been called ‘a fast track to the miraculous.

• You’ll discover how Power of Eight groups carrying out intention together can heal every aspect of your life
• You’ll learn about the mirror effect of altruistic intention – how intending for others will reflect back on the senders and heal them as well
• You’ll witness how large Intention Experiments have healed relations between long-standing enemy nations (including Arabs and Israelis) and why it works

Why wait any longer when you’ve already been waiting your entire life?

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