How Patty recovered her life – for good


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How Patty recovered her life – for good

Patty had a loving husband and both stepchildren and grandchildren but suffered debilitating challenges in every area of her life, particularly her health.

In short, her life just was not working.

Watch how she solved them, one by one here:

Patty and thousands of others have proved to me one simple fact:  when you work in a Power of Eight® group with my mentoring for a full year, many areas of your life – and often every challenge – begin to heal. 

If your life’s not everything you want it to be, take a tip from Patty, who says, ‘What I have noticed is that my group’s intentions continue to fuel my efforts for healing.’ 

And, by the way, Patty loved the entire process so much she that took the Masterclass again the following year!  

Join the thousands of others, who have found that the year-long support from me and their Power of Eight® group is so life-transforming that it can heal every area of your life. 

But please hurry!  This year’s course, which launches on February 17, 2024, is already two-thirds of the way full!  Due to the limits of the technology with our LIVE and INTERACTIVE course, I have to limit the numbers.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to walk back into your life in every sense!

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