The simple way that Mitchell unblocked everything


Power Of Eight Masterclass 23

The simple way that Mitchell unblocked everything

Mitchell Dean still suffered from serious depression when he joined my year-long Power of Eight® Intention Masterclass.

Right after his masterclass group sent an intention to help him find the cause of his condition, Mitchell got an intuitive ‘hit’ that he should consult with a chiropractor.

Tests run by the chiropractor showed that one of Mitchell’s liver filtration systems wasn’t working. That meant that some of the toxins his body took in were going directly to his brain.

Mitchell started a new regime of Chinese medicine, diet and supplements. This time, he finally had a true breakthrough.

‘Holy cow,’ he told his group, ‘I feel a LOT better.’

But the good fortune kept coming. With the group’s help, Mitchell also healed ‘exceptionally painful’ issues contributing to the depression.

He then overcame the writer’s block preventing him from authoring a book he’d long been planning to write.

Then he lost 15 pounds and got in better shape than he had been for years. He also got back into singing and playing guitar.

And the mindfulness technique he’d created and taught his patients for many years was suddenly ‘discovered’ by a well-known actress, who offered to help Mitchell get the word out.

‘I’ve made more progress in the last year than in the 44 years prior, by a lot,’ he said.

Watch Mitchell describe his experiences here:

Mitchell isn’t the only one.

Kristen Stephan’s group intention to stop all sugar ‘put an immediate end’ to decades of her shame and hopelessness battling a severe sugar addiction without success.

With the group’s intentions, Kristen also started daily exercise and meditation. Her relationship with her husband greatly improved too.

‘Thanks to my Power of Eight® group, I am experiencing one of the best periods of my life,’ she said.

Alison Maving suffered from severe vitiligo since 1991.

After her group intended for her to find the cause, Alison suddenly came across articles maintaining that vitamin D deficiencies are a cause of her condition.

A blood test confirmed her vitamin D levels were too low, and once Alison started supplementing with vitamin D supplements, the skin of her arms and legs began to repigment. She even shared monthly before-and-after pictures with her group to mark her progress.

‘This has been a 20-year search for a cure,’ she said.

Over her group year, Alison also discovered a new life purpose as a professional healer. Plus, all family relationships – another intention of hers – vastly improved. ‘My relationship with my sister is the best it’s ever been,’ she wrote.

Melissa Fundanish joined the masterclass to find a new career opportunity but didn’t know what it was. ‘I feel stuck,’ she said.

After her group’s intention for her to find meaningful work, Melissa suddenly received an email from a colleague. As it happened, the woman was looking to fill a particular role at that time that would have suited Melissa perfectly.

‘She fast-tracked me through the interview process with interviews and a presentation and I received an offer the following week for much more money than I expected,’ says Melissa.

And thanks to her group’s intention, Melissa sold her BMW and her sister’s BMW for the exact sums they wanted. She got closer to her sister, and after an intention for a new relationship, even met a promising guy.

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Overall, Melissa said, ‘I feel like I’m in a wonderful flow with life. Things happen more easily and I’m enjoying the flow.’

And Kim Gurlitz, found a new semi-retirement career, greatly improved her relationship with her youngest daughter, expanded her social circle, and is calmer and far happier and more grounded. ‘Overall, my life is simply BETTER since I began the group intentions.’

Years ago when I first started the year-long Power of Eight® intention Masterclass, I wondered whether by placing my students in groups for a full year everything in their lives would begin to heal.

The answer is a resounding yes!

So if you are not living the life you’ve always hoped for, join my Power of Eight® Intention Masterclass and, like Mitchell and all the others, watch every part of your life begin to flow.

But if you want to join me, you have to ACT NOW. We’re more than 2/3s full and I have to cap the numbers because of the technology we use.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to fix all that needs fixing in your life.

Join my Power of Eight® Intention Masterclass and, like Mitchell and all the others, marvel as you enter one of the best periods of your life!

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