How Natalie and Mark turned their financial fortunes around


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How Natalie and Mark turned their financial fortunes around

When I met Natalie, she was facing financial ruin. So she asked her Power of Eight® group to do an intention, focusing on her family business and asking that the intention be that their ‘business expand in all directions and be prosperous in all ways.’

During the Power of Eight® intention, Natalie kept visualizing both her and Mark opening their car doors and having money pouring out.

After the group’s meeting, Natalie’s depression and fear seemed to lift. She decided to go back into real estate as a short stopgap measure, and quickly got work with two real estate agencies. Then other opportunities seemed spontaneously to open up and she had less and less need to sell houses.

Their business began getting in a steady stream of smaller clients. And she and her husband then learned that the major client they’d been petrified they were going to lose decided to stay.

Asides from diversifying their client list, Natalie, who paints as a hobby, received an offer to work one-on-one with an expert in her style of painting who has applauded her talent. She’s taken training in Qigong, and plans to hold art and Qigong workshops.

Mark, meanwhile, got interested in starting a side-line business training program, funded by a small sum he received a few months after his father’s death.

In Natalie’s mind, the Power of Eight group helped her and her husband trust in self-empowerment and the possibility of prosperity, and because of that a load of opportunities have arisen “out of the blue, a process that keeps unfolding even up to yesterday.”


But Natalie and Mark aren’t the only ones to experience sudden financial help and abundance from a Power of Eight® group.

Andy Spyros was one of those people who suffered from old patterns of scarcity that interfered with her ability to make a good living. She’d tried everything with her Power of Eight® group – even a specific intention to find a dream job to pay her a specific monthly salary – but nothing seemed to work.   

At my suggestion, she started experimenting with altruism – shifting her intentions with her Power of Eight® group to others outside her group who had greater need of help.

‘Two days after that,’ says Andy, ‘I got an unexpected offer to do product development and strategy for an online organization involved in human development – a job that would joyfully bring me money doing work I love, which feels like play to me!’

By the time Beverley Sky Fulker asked for her Power of Eight® group’s support to improve her finances, she was down to her last £200.  

Soon afterward their intention, she had a chance meeting with a person who informed her that anyone who’d previously worked for Lloyd’s of London insurance could apply for assistance if they needed help. Beverley had worked for Lloyds, so she applied.

Although they are highly selective about applicants, they chose Bev. ‘And they sent me a rather beautiful check,’ she said.  ‘Just in time. Just when I needed it.’

As a realtor, Teri also was in dire straits, with no sales coming in.  After her Power of Eight® group’s intentions, a past client called her out of the blue, saving her financial situation, she says,  ‘from just a step shy of homeless to having a steady stream of income as a property broker.’

Then there’s Karen Hayhurst, whose back injury left her out of work. After her group did an intention for her to improve finances, Karen was astonished to receive a sizable check from her estranged father, with whom she hadn’t spoken for seven years. Karen wasn’t just grateful for his help; the renewed contact ‘smoothed the waters between us.’


And many like Robert Morales have received help from their group in just getting over short-term financial humps.  Robert and his wife were experiencing financial difficulties in paying their bills.  Within less than 30 days of his group’s intention, he received a rebate check from their bank for $2,475. 

The same happened to Cindy, after she’d gotten into $2000 debt. After the group’s intention, she was miraculously contacted by a hotel she’d stayed at that summer to say that she’d been overcharged – by exactly the amount overdrawn in her account.

All of these financial windfalls and miracles are everyday occurrences in my Power of Eight® Intention Masterclass.

Isn’t it worth a small investment – the cost of a few drinks at Starbucks every week – to fix your own finances, now and in the future?

Do what Natalie and thousands of others have done, and connect with the miraculous power of group intention to bring your finances back to health, now and in the future.

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