How to find close connection in the next few months


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How to find close connection in the next few months

The best antidote to loneliness I have discovered is a Power of Eight® group. I see it every year in our Masterclass and other classes and in the Power of Eight® groups springing up all over the world.  

At the start of every year-long Masterclass journey, my team puts our attendees into Power of Eight® groups, specially matched to their time zones and meeting preferences. 

At the end of every year, the majority of our group members talk about their miraculous changes, but they also rave about how they have rediscovered love and connection through their connection with their group.

Here’s what recent group members have to say about what  Power of Eight® group has done for them. 

Catherine found a new intention family, Jerry found more love and compassion than he’s ever experienced, and Andrea at last found her own voice.

‘Something about the process of holding intention for others, being randomly connected to a batch of strangers, whom you haven’t had classes or kids together with, is very profound,’ says Mitchell Dean. 

Like most of the masterclass members, Mitchell feels intensely close to all his group members, particularly to Robert Morales.

Mitchell and Robert are in touch almost every day to help each other with all sorts of issues. Mitchell would always email, as he did one night when he was having trouble sleeping, and, in that case, as always, Robert wrote back the following day: ‘Don’t worry – at 4:30 a.m. I had you covered.’ 

Many of my Power of Eight® groups don’t end when the year-long class finishes, but carry on meeting and connecting for many years.

Isn’t it time that you had a close and loving intention ‘family’ who have your back  – to experience the trust, support and cohesion of a group unlike any other? 

If so, it’s not too late to join the 2023 Power of Eight® Intention Masterclass, but you’ve got to ACT NOW. The class kicks off on February 4, 2023 – less than two weeks away.  

Places are filling up now – we’re three-quarters full now, and I will have to cap the numbers shortly.

Sign up TODAY and in a few months, you’ll be raving about your new intention ‘family.’ And don’t forget you receive the special alumnae price of $449 (£470.47 including VAT in the UK) - $250 off our full price!

As Ulrich recently put it: ‘To experience the power of individuals working in a group for healing purposes, for making people feeling at home (their real inner home!!!) is so inspiring, and it’s so uplifting to play my part in this whole process!’

Let my Power of Eight® groups lift you up, too  – and permanently!

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Why wait any longer when you’ve already been waiting your entire life?

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