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Who is this for?  These courses and resources are for professional healers – whether holistic practitioners of every persuasion, spiritual healers or mainstream doctors, nurses and practitioners – other types of professionals who want to incorporate the Power of Eight® into their practice and also for church leaders.  Lynne’s work on intention and the New Science has helped thousands of healers, professionals and church leaders improve their practices.

What you will learn:  If you are a healer of any variety, Lynne teaches you how to significantly boost your success rate through advanced intentional practices.

For church leaders, Lynne has prepared a complete toolbox of resources based on her work in The Bond and her manual Tools for a New World.  These include sermons, discussion points and other teaching aids for living an interconnected life, according to the New Science.

Become a Better Healer with the Power of Eight® 2023

A large body of scientific evidence shows that your thoughts have as much power as your treatments on your patients and their outcomes. This four-part LIVE and INTERACTIVE course, designed for healers of all persuasions  shows you how to harness your thoughts to boost your success and cure rate when healing others. CECs available.

Become Better Healer 2023

For churches leaders: The Bond and The Power of Eight® Complete Toolkit Package

A complete toolkit of sermon topics and discussion group information for church leaders who wish to explore and discuss ways of living according to the New Science, based on Lynne’s book The Bond and her manual Tools for a New World. Includes The Power of Eight® Handbook and Poster for recruiting and setting up Power of Eight® groups.

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Additional Learning Tools


The Field  book or audio book

Considered the seminal work of the New Age, The Field provides a scientific explanation for so-called ‘paranormal’ phenomena, from ESP and spiritual healing to the collective unconscious.

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The Intention Experiment  book or audio

This international bestseller provides exhaustive evidence that our thoughts and intentions affect and change the world and things ‘out there.’ The most impressive data yet on intention, or the power of thought. 

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The Power of Eight®  book or audio

In The Power of Eight®, Lynne reveals her remarkable findings from decades of researching and experimenting with small and large groups about how group intention can heal our lives – and change the world for the better.


The Bond  book or audio

A brilliant new blueprint for living a more harmonious, prosperous, and connected life – based on the findings of the new science.  Pulling together a vast array of cutting-edge scientific discoveries, Lynne demonstrates that we are in a ‘Bond’ — a profound interconnection — with everything and everyone. As the first roadmap of how to live according to the new scientific story, The Bond is the way forward, the next stage in our evolution.

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Energy Therapies

Energy Therapy

Many of the latest (as well as many ancient) therapies work by shifting energy within the body. Here’s a complete run-down of the timeless best.
Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy

The Field teaches us that we are beings of light and frequency. These lessons instruct you in the use of sound – another form of frequency – to heal and raise consciousness.
Native Traditions

Native Traditions

Indigenous practices of all varieties – from living life without an alarm clock to daily blessing and offerings - offer clues about how to live in a new holistic way.
Full Course

Living the Field Complete Course

This 48-part course offers in-depth research and lessons on all areas of the New Science, including staged lessons on intention, healing, remote viewing, clairvoyance, ESP, energy medicine, enlightenment, angels, hypnosis, dowsing, mediumship, altered states, dream-sharing, sound and healing and much more. Includes dozens of exercises in every lesson, so that you can immerse yourself in experiential learning and make the shift to a happier and more fulfilled way of being. Consider it a one-stop course in the next stage of your human evolution.

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