Level 1: The Basics of Intention

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Who this is for?  This is the best place to start if you’re new to Lynne’s work and courses, even if you believe you know all about manifestation and the Law of Attraction or you’ve taken courses from other spiritual teachers.

What you will learn:  The key essentials of how to do intention effectively (for instance, the most effective wording), plus information from New Science about how our thoughts affect ourselves and our world.

Intention Essentials (Recommended)

In this five-part recorded course Lynne teaches you all the basics of the skill of using intention in your life so you are doing it correctly from the start.

Includes 7 key tools that spell the difference between success and failure, which most people haven’t learned, even if they’ve well versed in other spiritual practices.

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Intention Essentials 2024

Additional Learning Tools


The Power of Eight  book or audio book

The definitive book about the power of intention in large and small groups, including lynne’s own journey of discovery. 


The Field  book or audio book

Considered the seminal work of the New Age, The Field provides a scientific explanation for so-called ‘paranormal’ phenomena, from ESP and spiritual healing to the collective unconscious.

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The New Science for Absolute Beginners

Lynne’s recorded course lays out all the basics of the New Science, showing you that everything is connected by the Zero Point Field (ZPF), a sea of energy that reconciles mind with matter, classic science with quantum physics, and science with religion.

You’ll learn that the human mind and body are not separate from their environment but a pocket of pulsating power constantly interacting with this vast energy sea, and that consciousness may be central in shaping our world.

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Short videos and audio downloads

How to set up a Power of Eight® group

How To Set Up A Power Of Eight

All the fundamentals of how to set up and run a group of intenders.

The very basics of how to do intention in a Power of Eight® session

The Very Basics

Lynne walks you through the techniques of a session, step by step.


Science Of The Field

Science and the Field

Lynne’s bite-sized primer covers all the major theories of the New Science and the frontier scientists who made these groundbreaking discoveries.

Zero Point Perception

Zero Point Perception

Eight lessons introducing you to evidence about the power of our thoughts and ability to affect things or gain information beyond space and time – everything from computer equipment to our food.

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