Level 4: Bringing intention to the World

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Who is this for?  This level is for those who have taken Lynne’s earlier courses and want to facilitate Power of Eight® groups professionally.

What you will learn: This advanced program teaches you all the elements of the New Science and intention technique you need to be able to accurately represent Lynne’s teachings to your own groups to heal each other.  You’ll also learn how to become a spiritual activist to use intention effectively for community change. 

Tools for a New World (Recommended)

These ‘Tools for a New World’ course offers extensive exercises and practices to help you develop a more holistic relationship to your own world — your relationships, your workplace, your neighborhood, and community – and the world at large.

You will learn how to do small and large group intentions to heal communities and areas of the world suffering from conflict, poverty, or extreme climate change or disasters.  A full toolkit for becoming a spiritual activist.  

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Additional Learning Tools


The Field  book or audio book

Considered the seminal work of the New Age, The Field provides a scientific explanation for so-called ‘paranormal’ phenomena, from ESP and spiritual healing to the collective unconscious.

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The Bond  book or audio

A brilliant new blueprint for living a more harmonious, prosperous, and connected life – based on the findings of the new science.  Pulling together a vast array of cutting-edge scientific discoveries, Lynne demonstrates that we are in a ‘Bond’ — a profound interconnection — with everything and everyone. As the first roadmap of how to live according to the new scientific story, The Bond is the way forward, the next stage in our evolution.

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Throughout history, human beings have chased ways to reach a higher state of consciousness. Bryan Hubbard offers a complete grounding in enlightenment and how to achieve it.
Philosophy Of The Field

Philosophy of the Field

Quantum physics and the Zero Point Field raise so many basic questions about the human experience. Bryan Hubbard attempts to answer the big questions about what all these new discoveries mean to daily existence.
Full Course

Living the Field Complete Course

This 48-part course offers in-depth research and lessons on all areas of the New Science, including staged lessons on intention, healing, remote viewing, clairvoyance, ESP, energy medicine, enlightenment, angels, hypnosis, dowsing, mediumship, altered states, dream-sharing, sound and healing and much more.

Includes dozens of exercises in every lesson, so that you can immerse yourself in experiential learning and make the shift to a happier and more fulfilled way of being.


The Bond Handbook

These ‘Tools for a New World’ contain extensive exercises and practices to help you heal your own world — your relationships, your workplace, your neighborhood, and community – and the world at large.

The Bond Workbook

More exercises in living the New Science.

The Bond Discussion groups

In-depth discussion points for groups studying The Bond.

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