Level 3: Deep Generational Healing with Intention

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Who is this for?  In this level, you move beyond using intention for the present, and delve into time-travel techniques, including Lynne’s work with ‘retrointention’  to heal your past and re-pattern your future.

What you will learn: you will discover to forgive the deep hurts that have affected your present, and learn to identify and banish forever the unconscious patterning that rules your life and prevents you from achieving your fondest dreams.

Lynne also shows you how to use individual and group intention to create new and healthier patterns and to map out your ideal future.

Other downloads in this level will enable you to engage in spiritual parenting and spiritual relationships.

Healing Your Past with Intention with Bryan Hubbard (Recommended)

When people are not achieving their goals they are invariably being sabotaged by events in the past.  The lingering effect of these past hurts can be overcome, no matter how long ago or deeply embedded.

Lynne has demonstrated that her intention can ‘time travel’: her techniques can not only heal issues in the present but also those of the past.  Group intention can also be a powerful means of traveling to the future to re-pattern your life going forward.

In this LIVE and INTERACTIVE course, Lynne is joined by her husband Bryan Hubbard, author of the groundbreaking book The Untrue Story of You.  Bryan will introduce his life-changing ‘Time-Light’ theory, used to successfully overcome his own depression, and help you to uncover the unconscious patterns from your past that block you from achieving your greatest fulfillment.

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Additional Learning Tools


The Power of Eight®  book or audio

In The Power of Eight®, Lynne reveals her remarkable findings from decades of researching and experimenting with small and large groups about how group intention can heal our lives – and change the world for the better.


The Untrue Story of You  book or audio

In this book, Bryan introduces his radical, ground-breaking ‘time-light’ theory, which helped him successfully overcome his own 10-year depression and is now being used by European therapists to heal such problems as depression and anxiety. 



relationships and the field

Relationships and the Field

If we’re affecting each other at every moment, we have to discover some new ways of relating. These new skills will teach you to connect better with others.
children and the field

Children and the Field

Discover the basics of ‘spiritual parenting’ – how to raise a holistic child who develops through quantum learning.
animal energies

Animal Energies

Animals and pets of all description have been shown to have extraordinary extrasensory powers. Here’s how to recognize and tap into them.
full course

Living the Field Complete Course

This 48-part course offers in-depth research and lessons on all areas of the New Science, including staged lessons on intention, healing, remote viewing, clairvoyance, ESP, energy medicine, enlightenment, angels, hypnosis, dowsing, mediumship, altered states, dream-sharing, sound and healing and much more. Includes dozens of exercises in every lesson, so that you can immerse yourself in experiential learning and make the shift to a happier and more fulfilled way of being.

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