Your intentions have given Ron Grecco more time

On July 28 of this year, our community sent intention to Ron Grecco, aged 67, of Dunedin, Florida to heal his brain cancer.

Patricia Bowers, who’d nominated her friend Ron, told us he has “stage 4 non-small-cell lung cancer which is aggressive spreading in his body! His doctor told him he has about 2 months left!”

When we did our intention, the cancer had spread to more spots on his lungs, his lymph nodes, his spine, his hips and left bicep. After numerous rounds, Ron decided to stop the chemo because doctors said it would only buy him another month, and he feels very ill when taking it.

Recently, Patricia wrote in with Ron’s progress:

“I have been checking on Ron since his weekly intention in late July. He seemed to be doing so much better with all the love and support he was receiving! I think he was really surprised how much people cared and wanted to help!

“I had lunch with Ron yesterday!

“He met with his hospice nurse and doctor. They told him as he is doing great and not to think about what the chemo doctor told that he only has another month.

“I really do believe that our intention work helped. He is positive and continues to help others with their photography and being the great human, he has always been!

“Will definitely follow up with his progress with you.

“In appreciation to all of intention group that sent healing and love to Ron with gratitude.”

Keep up the good work, everybody – you are making a big difference in the lives of so many!

How your thoughts helped Jesse avoid surgery and get back his life

On November 4, 2018, we sent intention to Jesse Polsky, aged 39, a husband and father of two young children who lives in Vancouver, Canada.

His mother, Carol, who nominated her son as an Intention of the Week, described how Jesse had sustained a serious back injury 13 years ago at work, which damaged his spine.

By the time of our intention, he’d already had three back surgeries on the lower vertebrae, the last of which inserted a titanium rod, causing constant pain ever since.

A former martial art teacher and outdoorsy person, Jesse pushed through the pain, but by the time of our intention, his pain had increased, with new severe pain in his hips and leg, caused by a trapped nerve in his spine, plus arthritis, which had developed in both hips.

The nerve pain had become almost unbearable and he was no longer able to work.

Doctors told him he should wait before having a double hip replacement due to his young age; otherwise, he’ll have to have the surgery once or possibly twice more in his lifetime.

With very little hope left, in constant pain and with financial situation becoming dire, Jesse was descending into despair.

We intended for Jesse’s hips and spinal vertebrae to be completely healed.

A few weeks ago, we heard from Jesse, with an update:

“I was fortunate enough that your community intended for a good outcome for my debilitating back and hip problems. The immediate result was a lifting of despair.

“The second result – over a year later, while still off work on disability benefits, and after meetings with a specialist, then a surgeon – was that, serendipitously, and following intuition and guidance, my path has crossed with a physiotherapist being trained in a new protocol of musculoskeletal adjustment.

“It is excruciatingly painful and slow work, but the improvement is such that there is great hope that I can return to work and be pain-free by mid-September, without hip-replacement surgery.

“I can’t thank the community enough for these developments.”

So, well done, everyone. Your intentions are having more impact than you can ever know!

How you helped Rosemary Heyes get discharged from the hospital


Remember Rosemary Heyes, aged 71, of Dunfermline in Scotland, one of our Intentions of the Week on Sunday, June 23?

Rosemary, you may recall, has breast and lung cancer that metastasized to her lymph system and her bones. She’d been suffering pains in her hip and inflammation in her right leg. After going into a coma for some days in February, she’d been in the hospital ever since.

Nevertheless, as her friend Kirsten Hansen wrote, “Rosemary is a healer herself and is still healing people in the hospital, with good results, and she feels something magical is happening when she is healing—different than before. She is very strong-minded and is doing healing on herself as well.”

Rosemary’s greatest wish was to come home and continue her work for some years if possible, but as of our intention, the doctors would not allow her to leave.

Kirsten just sent an update to say that Rosemary gave feedback the day after our group intention, saying that she felt the healing very intensely.

“She is so much better,” says Kirsten, “that she was allowed to go back to her home and have help there! She sends many blessings and is very, very grateful. Lots of love to all!! 💜”

So keep intending and joining into our Intentions of the Week as much as you can. You continue to work miracles!

Lynne McTaggart