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  1. Michelle Alombert says:

    I’ve just listened to your conference about the power of intention and I am absolutely convinced ..
    I’d like to ne part of such a group : are there any in Paris (France) or the surroundings ?
    Thank you for answering me

  2. Therese says:

    Lynne, We are a group scattered across States and have formed a Circle for fourteen months praying twice a week for Kenny B. He continues to experience a very strange illness no drs can diagnose.
    or help. What else can this group do to help heal Kenny? 14 months? Is this typical? Kenny is going through great suffering. (I do not use Facebook, just my email address.). Will so appreciate hearing from you.

  3. Hitoshi says:

    Hi, Lynne,
    I read the Japanese translation of the power of eight. I am so much impressed by the book. So,
    I have already registered several days ago. But, now there is a blank page as the following site;

    How do I get the login page?
    I am looking forward to hearing soon.

  4. Judy Koepke says:

    I do not have the log-in url for the advanced class starting today. I am not 10 minutes late for class. It may be too late for today. Are you once again recording it. What is the url for it. Thanks.

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